Best method To transform Fron 12 customs to 13 inch wheels and also tires?Best means To convert Fron 12 customs to 13 inch wheels and also tires?

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with the 12 customs tires almost dual the price of the 13"s im interested in relocating up come 13 inch wheels/tires.Is their an economical source for 13 customs wheels that will certainly fit my 91?
I go a search and also after sifting through vw rebuild threads with loads of pics, I started a brand-new thread. Hopefully someone can give me the cliff notes variation of how to gain this done cheap.
You watch the pinned perform of wheels that fit Metros? an initial listing in the forum under Tires/wheels use the perform & head for the junk yard or Craigslist.
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It"s pretty easy to drill out for larger studs if you require to. My 1987 hated the 13 inch tires. Turbo never ever shut turn off on the highway, mileage took a vast crap as well.

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There"s a entirety lot to be said for the untamed strength of a 3 cylinder Geo Metro with a 4.10 infection running ~ above 12 inch tires. Placed on a set of 13"s, and also it becomes ready for the retirement village, so come speak.However, there"s hope.13" tires that think they"re 12" tires. That would certainly be dimension 165/65R13. That"s kind of a rare size, so there"s 13" tires that think they"re 12-1/2" tires. 165/70R13. And, the good news is castle are easily accessible as Kumho Solus KR-21. UTQG = 640AB.Warranty = 85,000 miles.That"s Michelin like performance through a Walmart prefer price. ... &pID=45504Get youself a collection of 10mm bulge nuts from Brandsport. set of wheel from a 1995 and after Geo Metro, or a Geo metro Convertible, or a 1989 and also after Suzuki Swift will fit nicely.I simply bought a collection of wheels through tires from a 1991 Suzuki Swift GA. The tires room crap, therefore the Pick-n-Pull man let me slip out the door without paying because that the tires. $38.76 because that the set. Fortunately for you, your 12" tires will last for a while, i beg your pardon will give you some time to locate tires and wheels. It could take a couple of trips to the Pick-n-Pull to uncover what friend want. Make certain the wheels room not bent by placing them on among the corners that will certainly turn easily (usually a rear corner) and look for wobbles in the steel. Don"t look at the edge, rather the level just inside of the edge to determine if the wheel is straight.Walmart mounted my latest set of tires and also balanced lock for about $60. Actually, it to be Jiffy Lube that has taken over the service at this certain Walmart.