I have actually bled the lines, didn't readjust anything. No Leaks almost everywhere on the bike. Lines room good. I'm brand-new to the bike world so ns don't know much about this kind of stuff


80's Hondas have a background of worries with the servant cylinder top top the clutch. My bet is that you have a leak about the slave, maybe the press rod. An excellent news is, if you simply tear down the slave clutch and also clean that up, it must fix the problem without having to perform a complete rebuild, uneven the slave is simply too worn out. My suggestion is come tear under both master and also slave to replace all the seals, and pull turn off the clutch line and make certain it's no blocked.

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Edit: I have actually a PDF the the shop hands-on for your Shadow that gives you the process of rebuilding your clutch hydraulics, it's entrance level bike mechanics, easily accomplished with a simple set of wrenches and also a screw driver.

When you speak it won't engage, do you average that as soon as you permit the clutch lever all the way out, the the bike quiet doesn't relocate forward?

like as soon as i have the clutch pulled in all the way i walk straight into first, kicks forward and stalls.

check the line because that leaks and check within the reservoir if the liquid needs bled (if that isn't clean it needs bled)

you either have actually an air balloon in the line

a grasp cylinder unable to do bad

a worn feet in the hydraulic line

a poor seal approximately the slave cylinder

or the very least likely, a wrecked clutch and clutch basket.

I have currently bled and refilled the lines, and also checked for any kind of leaks, undertake in the lines. Ns was riding all day and put it away and the next day once i was about to leave for institution i i found it there to be no resistance at all.

Buy a organization manual. The will enable you to look at parts you can't have to visualize and also determine difficulty points come troubleshoot. Personally, I would certainly pull the cover off your master cylinder and verify the return feet in the bottom of the understand cylinder is clean and clear, climate rebleed the system. Make certain you're gaining actual lever feel before you contact it bled...doing the clutches ~ above those Hondas, you will have zero push for 15 minutes, and then kerblam, you're in bizznuss.


Very most likely the seal within your master cylinder is damaged and also leaking. There's a plunger in the understand that move the hydraulic fluid. If fluid leaks past the seal, girlfriend won't be able to generate sufficient pressure to move the clutch plates and disengage the drive. You may be able to disassemble the master and rehab the seals, or you might need to replace the master. In my case, I had actually a (very expensive) Brembo master that might have been repaired if components were available. Castle weren't.

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This would be suspect he has actually a hydraulic clutch, and I might be not correct -- however I don't think '85 Shadows came v one.