Fuse crate diagram (fuse layout), assignment of fuses and also relays BMW 3-Series E36 (1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000) 316i, 316g, 318i, 318is, 318ti, 318tds, 320i, 323i, 323ti, 325i, 325td, 325tds, 328i, M.

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Checking and also Replacing Fuses

If an electrical maker fails, switch it off and check the fuse.

The fuse crate (electrical circulation center) through spare fuses, relays, and plastic tweezers, is situated on the left-hand next of the engine compartment.

Press the retaining flap in and also lift off the cover;Remove the fuse of the defective customer from the socket v the plastic tweezers;If the fuse is burned through (the metal wire will have actually melted and also separated), change it v a new fuse the the very same ampere rating;

A perform of the fuses through their particular ampere ratings and also the devices in your circuits is noted in the fuse crate lid.


Do no patch burned-out fuses or change them v fuses of a different color or ampere rating, because this could cause an overload ~ above an electrical wire and also lead come a fire in the vehicle.If the fuse proceeds to burn through, refer the problem to a BMW Retailer because that repair.

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Front power circulation box

It is located on the left side of the engine compartment.



№AProtected circuits
130Power tilt/slide sunroof (SHD)
215as that 9/93: Trailer coupling
5as the 9/96: Engine control system
330Rear wipe/wash interval regulate unit (Touring, Compact)
Headlight washer device (SRA)
Radio/HiFi (9/94 come 8/95)
415Unloader relay terminal 15 (Heated seats)
530Passenger’s chair adjustment switch
620Rear defogger relay
30Rear defogger relay
75Electronic equipment indicator
Central locking switch
Driver’s door lock switch
Central locking (ZV) journey driver’s door
Central locking module (ZVM)
Central locking (ZV) journey passenger’s door
Passenger’s door lock switch
Control unit, remote control
Rear lid lock relay
Central locking drive rear lid (Touring)
Rear lid microswitch (mechanical convertible soft top)
Convertible soft peak flap lock
Convertible soft height module
Anti-theft manage module (Alpine)
815Horn relay
Anti-theft manage module (Alpine)
Hifi amplifier
CD changer (to 8/93)
Unloader relay terminal R (to 8/92)
1030Antilock brake mechanism (ABS)
Automatic stability regulate (ASC)
117.5without CCM: Left low beam light
with CCM: Check regulate module
127.5without CCM: Right short beam light
with CCM: Check regulate module
135Comfort relay (two–door model)
1430Driver"s side power home window module (to 8/93)
Passenger"s side power window module (to 8/93)
ZKE control unit (ZKE IV; together of 9/93)
1515Left fog light
Right fog light
Instrument cluster
7.5Left fog light
Right fog light
Instrument cluster
165A/C compressor relay
Auxiliary fan stage 1 relay (normal speed relay)
Auxiliary fan stage 2 relay (high rate relay)
1710without CCM: Fog light switch (Rear fog irradiate switch)
7.5with CCM: Fog irradiate switch (Rear fog light switch)
1815Fuel pump
1915to 8/92: Park heating/ventilation relay box
30as that 8/93: Relay module
2030to 8/92: Blower switch
as that 9/92:
there is no park ventilation: Heating blower relay
with park ventilation:
heating blower relay
live independence ventilation relay
215Antilock brake device (ABS)
Automatic stability manage (ASC)
225Light switch
Daytime running lights coding diode
235Combination switch (turn indicator/low beam selector)
Instrument cluster
Thermal switch (LA Japan)
ABS manage unit
Rear defogger relay
Multi–function clock / On–board screen / On–board computer
Unloader relay terminal 15
with IHKA: Automatic climate manage unit
with heater control:
Water valves
Temperature regulator
2410Thermal switch, boil jets
Rollover sensor
Mirror manage unit
Parking assist control unit
255Light switch
Day light relay module (as that 9/97)
High beam relay (9/94 come 8/97)
Low beam relay (9/92 come 8/94)
Left park irradiate relay (9/93 to 8/94)
Right park light/license plate light relay (9/93 come 8/94)
2615to 8/92:
regime switch
auxiliary connector (US)
automatically transmission selection switch
Diagnostic connector
Reversing light switch (without EGS)
10as the 9/92:
automatically transmission variety switch
routine switch
Fuel heating (diesel)
Alternator cut–out relay (diesel)
Diagnostic connector
Oil level switch, thermal
Oxygen sensor and air pump relays
Reversing irradiate switch
SMG regulate unit
Hydraulic pump relay
Hydraulic unit
Starter immobilization relay
accelerator flap heater
275Instrument cluster
285with EGS: Automatic transmission range switch
with SMG:
SMG regulate unit
electronic gear indicator
equipment indicator, center console
297.5Left high beam
307.5Right high beam
315Instrument cluster
On–board screen / Multi–function clock
On–board computer
Analogue clock
Chime module
Electronic immobiliser manage unit (EWS II; together of 9/94)
Antitheft (DWA) LED
With IHKA:
Water valves
automatic climate regulate unit
With IHKR:
IHKR control panel
incorporated climate regulation regulate module
3230Front cigar lighter
Reading lights relay
3310Ignition switch (as that 9/93)
Charge socket
Light switch
CD changer (as the 9/93)
Cellular telephone
Door lock heater relay
Luggage compartment light
Rear compartment inner light, center (Touring)
Right trunk irradiate assembly (Compact)
Interior light, ideal rear (with reading light)
Interior light, left rear (with reading light)
Interior/reading lamp, former (with ZKE)
ZKE regulate unit (as of 9/93)
Front left footwell irradiate (Front appropriate footwell light)
Left parking light relay
Driver"s next power window module (to 8/93)
3415Hazard flasher relay
Crash alarm sensor (with crash alarm sensor)
3525with ZVM: Central locking module (ZVM)
with ZKE: ZKE control unit
3630Wipe–wash module (Low II) / Wipe/wash module
3710Light switch
Right parking light/licence plate irradiate relay
3830Antilock brake mechanism (ABS)
Automatic stability control (ASC)
397.5A/C compressor relay
4030Driver’s chair adjustment switch
Driver’s lumbar assistance switch
4130Auxiliary fan phase 1 relay (low; just diesel)
Auxiliary fan stage 2 relay (high)
427.5Electronic seat control
Driver’s side affect sensor
Passenger’s side affect sensor
Rollover sensor
Airbag diagnostic module
Driver’s chair belt buckle switch
435Interior light, best rear
Interior light, left rear
Top Hifi switch
Central locking module (ZVM)
ZKE regulate unit
Spatial sound relay
Passenger’s make–up winter light
Driver’s make–up mirror light
Interior/reading lamp, front
Convertible soft height module
Control unit, far control
Cellular telephone
Reading lights relay
Anti-theft control module (Alpine)
4415Wipe–wash module (Low II)
Wipe/wash module
Rear wipe/wash interval regulate unit (Touring, Compact)
Windscreen wiper switch (Touring, Compact)
Glovebox light/switch
Twin relay module (up to 8/95)
Unloader relay terminal R (up come 8/92)
457.5Check manage module
Transmit/receive module (EWS II; together of 9/95)
Starter immobilization switch (as of 9/96)
On–board computer system / Multi–function clock / On–board display
Wiper relay (up come 8/95)
Wiper engine relay (up to 8/95)
4615Clutch switch
Instrument cluster
Brake light switch
Cruise regulate module
Cruise regulate switch
Data link connector (as the 9/95)
Board computer (BC-low)
R1Fuel pump relay
Oxygen sensor and air pump relays (M3)
Secondary air pump relay
Engine control module relay
Alternator cut–out relay (diesel)
R2Engine regulate module relay
Fuel pump relay
R3Oxygen sensor relay
EKP and also start detector relay
Wiper motor relay
Engine manage module relay
Secondary waiting pump relay
Delivery pump relay (diesel)
R4Horn relay
R5Fog irradiate relay
R6High beam relay (to 8/93)
Low beam relay (as of 9/93)
R7Low beam relay (to 8/93)
High beam relay (as of 9/93)
Secondary wait pump relay
R8Hazard flasher relay
R9Blower relay
R10Rear defogger relay
R11ABS relay
R12ABS pump motor relay
ABS pump motor relay, timed#colspan##colspan#
R13Auxiliary fan stage 2 relay (high speed)
R14A/C compressor relay
R15Auxiliary fan stage 1 relay (low speed)