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instead of fuel tank module/sending unit for "" dodge Cummins trucks. Replaces Mopar 4798671.Roll over valve not included. You need to re-use your initial roll end valve.*Includes rubber tank seal.If you space installing this fuel tank module in her "" truck, friend will require the wiring harness adapter (Part number: GG-WHADAPT9495).
Owner Response:Please offer us a speak to to discuss the special, of her truck. We" it is in glad to assist you v this. Support phone is (770) 886-2500. Give thanks to you!
This module comes without the vent valve. You have to re-use the old one. No directions because that removing the from the old module. That would have actually been nice to know prior to hand. I intended a drop in replacement.
The cummins 12 valve possibly a great engine, why would anyone desire an old evade anything? my customer has a 95 BR2500 2wd and also the fuel gauge was not working. Necessary the whole tank module. After in search of days, ns finally referred to as Geno" and they had actually something that would certainly work. Mounted it and the customer is happy. Thanks.


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" simply made an additional purchase from Geno" Garage. I needed aid choosing the ideal headlight assembly because that my truck. Scott (again) was really helpful v his an individual knowledge top top the subject. Kudos to Scott!" Steve P.