Replacing your radiator isn"t as difficult as that sounds, and it will conserve you a bundle in repair in the lengthy run.

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This article applies to the dodge Ram 2nd Generation (1994-2001).

A negative radiator will certainly quickly destroy your engine if girlfriend don"t get it resolved straight away. Performing a coolant do the washing up at the encourage intervals will help ensure that your engine and also cooling system lasts a an extremely long time. If girlfriend have found a coolant leak coming from the radiator, you must replace the as shortly as possible. Utilizing the stop leak products is just a brief term solve at best. Eventually, the prevent leak commodities can easily reason other clogs in places where you execute not want any blockage. This deserve to lead to an overheated and also blown engine. Watch your thermostat closely and also get the radiator replaced sooner fairly than later. A professional is walk to fee a far-reaching fee to change your radiator, yet fortunately, the job is no too hard to take it on yourself, saving you a bundle of cash.


Materials NeededCatch can for old fluidRadiator do the washing up kit (optional, but an excellent practice before installing new equipment)Ratchet and 10mm socketNew radiator hoses (optional)Plastic press clips (if needed)Open-end crate wrench

Step 1 – Disconnect battery and also check radiator temp

Before functioning in your engine compartment, that is always best practice to disconnect the battery.

Make sure the truck is fully cooled. Never ever work top top or change a warm radiator. The cap is under pressure and hot liquid will blast, leading to serious burn injuries. Eliminate the radiator cap to release any type of cooling mechanism pressure.

Figure 1. Always disconnect your battery before working in the engine compartment.
Figure 2. Never ever remove the radiator lid or hoses when the engine is quiet hot.

Step 2 – drain the old fluid

Flushing the device is a great idea before you replace the radiator, unless this to be done very recently. A flush kit makes the job super easy and also is a really nominal cost.

Make certain you clean up any kind of spills and also put the old liquid in an authorized container. Any type of oil change shop need to take her old liquid at no charge to you.Remove the drainpipe plug ~ above the bottom that the radiator to get any kind of residual liquid out.Remove the two drainpipe bolts on the bottom-center of the engine block close to the mounts to remove any residual fluid from there together well.
Figure 3. Drain all the old fluid from the radiator. Flushing the device is a really an excellent idea prior to you install the new radiator.

Antifreeze is deadly to pets and an extremely toxic come humans. The is also really slick. Clean up any type of spills immediately; cat litter works well come absorb the nasty stuff.

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Step 3 – Disconnect radiator hoses and transmission cooler lines

Your hands-on may not suggest that a infection line is linked to the radiator, yet it is. Remove the tranny cooler lines is the most challenging part of this job. Take treatment when removing the rapid disconnects, as they space under tension and can paris away fairly easily. You have the right to "cap" the line through aluminum foil to prevent much leakage, yet be all set to add much more transmission fluid after you download the new radiator.

Figure 4. Remove the upper and also lower radiator hoses.
Figure 5. Use an open-end crate wrench to disconnect the transmission line. The other line will have a quick disconnect attachment because that it.

Step 4 – eliminate the cooler restore tank

The cooler restore tank is associated with one hose. Disconnect the hose, and also the tank is just clipped right into the bracket. Push the clip to release the tank and also remove it.

Figure 6. The coolant recovery tank simply pops right out, no devices needed.

Step 5 – eliminate washer liquid tank

The washer liquid tank is as easy to eliminate as the coolant restore tank, and also in a very comparable fashion. That has an additional electrical quick attach wiring harness that needs to be gotten rid of as well.

Figure 7. Remove the windshield washer pump reservoir.

Step 6 – remove fan shroud

Remove the four bolts (two on every side) that the pan shroud. Push the fan shroud back; that does not have to be completely removed. You will certainly not should remove the fan to remove and install the radiator. Girlfriend may have actually splash shields ~ above either side of the radiator the will have to be gotten rid of as well. This are only fastened on v plastic clips that deserve to be snipped off and replaced.

Figure 8. Remove the pan shroud via two bolts on either side.

Step 7 – remove radiator

The old radiator is prepared to it is in pulled. There are two 10mm bolts the mount the radiator come the frame. These are situated on the peak of the radiator to the prior of the frame. Use a ratchet with and 10mm socket through no expansion to eliminate these bolts. The radiator can now it is in lifted directly up and also out. Take care to no bang versus the fan knives when removing the old or inserting the brand-new radiator.

Figure 9. After removing the mounting bolts (and the rubber mounts), the old radiator will lift right up and also out with tiny resistance.

Step 8 – Install new radiator

Be certain to follow the surroundings instructions that came v your new radiator. It should be a straight fit with tiny issues v installing come the OEM connections. Girlfriend may have to pre-assemble the brand-new mounting hardware into the old rubber mounts, pan shroud clips, and transmission cooler heat connections relying on the new radiator friend purchased and how it was packaged.

Figure 10. The brand-new radiator will certainly slip in as conveniently as the old one was pulled out.

Step 9 – Reconnect every the hoses and lines

The new radiator download is usually the reverse procedure of acquisition the old one out.

Replace the 2 mounting bolts come the top-front that the new radiator.Replace the splash security if your vehicle came with them.Reconnect the fan shroud through the 4 bolts.Replace the windshield fluid pump and also reservoir. Make certain to reconnect the low fluid sensor and also electrical connections.Replace the coolant overflow tank (now is a great time to to wash it out so regarding not contaminate the brand-new fluid v this old nasty sludge).Replace the infection cooler line hoses (be sure to check your transmission fluid level and also replace as needed).Replace the lower and also upper radiator hoses (now is a great time to simply replace lock with brand-new ones).Make sure you have actually replaced the engine block drainpipe plugs.Fill her radiator and reservoir tank through new, manufacturer authorized antifreeze.Replace the battery cable.Start her truck with the heater ~ above high for about five minutes or until the engine is totally warmed up. Watch your thermostat reading. Add much more antifreeze as needed.

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Figure 11. Reattach every the disconnected hoses and also lines.

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