If the blower motor just runs in hello or one of the blower speeds is no working, then there"s a an excellent chance that the blower motor resistor assembly is bad.

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Thankfully, the blower motor resistor on her Ford explorer (Ranger, Mercury Mountaineer) can be checked with a few simple continuity tests.

With the help of this tutorial, you"ll be able to test it and say: ‘Yes, the blower resistor is bad’ or ‘No, the blower resistor is no fried’.

To assist you in more knowing if this tutorial uses to her Ford Explorer, Ranger, Mercury Mountaineer or Mazda B4000, if your car uses among the following blower motor resistor numbers, this tutorial uses to her vehicle:

Airtex/Wells 3P1368.Dorman 973010 and also 973411.Duralast JA1506.Four seasons 20321.Motorcraft YH1700.Standard Motor products RU404.

Contents that this tutorial:

girlfriend can uncover this indict in Spanish here: Prueba: Resistencia del motor del Soplador (4.0L Ford) (at: autotecnico-online.com).

If the blower engine is not working at all, you have to start by experimentation the blower engine first. The complying with tutorial describes how to check the blower motor:

Basics that Troubleshooting The Blower manage Resistor

The ingredient that renders it possible for the blower motor to operation in the 3 speeds reduced than hi is the blower motor resistor assembly.

If friend have already removed the blower resistor assembly from her Ford explorer (Ranger, Mercury Mountaineer), you recognize that it"s consisted of of 3 resistors.

The purpose of these resistors is to reduce the amount of the blower motor"s existing that"s passing v them by converting several of this present into heat energy (and boy does the resistor assembly acquire hot!).

It"s this palliation in existing (by converting several of it into warmth energy) that provides the blower motor run slower than full speed (HI).

The one blower motor speed that doesn"t rely on the blower motor resistor assembly is HI because the blower motor switch perfect this rate by totally bypassing the blower engine resistor assembly.

Usually, once the blower engine resistor fails, the resistors space physically melted ‘open’ but not always. This is once knowing how to continuity test the resistor assembly come in comfortable to discover out if it"s good or bad.

Blower Resistor Circuit DescriptionsPinWire ColorDescription
1LT GRN/WHTM1 speed Input from Blower Switch.
2ORG/BLKInput from Blower Motor.
3BLKOutput to Chassis Ground.
4YEL/REDM2 rate Input native Blower Switch.

NOTE: There"s a great chance that the color of the wires described over DOES NOT complement what"s ~ above your details vehicle. This is no reason for concern due to the fact that the circuit descriptions are the same for every one of the Ford vehicles extended by this repair tutorial.

TEST 1: checking Continuity that The Blower Resistor

OK, to acquire your blower engine resistor diagnostic ~ above its way, the first thing we"ll carry out is to remove the blower resistor native it"s location (next to the blower motor) and also check the continually of the separation, personal, instance resistors (that make up the assembly).

These room very straightforward tests (the only hard part is acquiring to and also removing the blower resistor assembly) and also in the test steps below I"ll show you i beg your pardon terminals you"ll be experimentation with her multimeter in Ohms () mode.

Before we gain started let me tell you that it"s common for the blower resistor connector"s lock tabs to break. This is due to the reality that the connector is do of plastic and also is exposed physically come the heat that the blower resistor to produce (when in use) and exposed to heat that the engine radiates (when running).

The tendency of the locking tabs is to become brittle (from the heat) and also to break as soon as you unplug the resistor assembly. The great thing is that you can buy the blower resistor connector and replace it. Girlfriend can find the attach to the connector in this section: wherein To buy The Blower Resistor and Save.

NOTE: all of the continually tests, defined in this test section, room done on your Ford Explorer"s (Ranger, Mercury Mountaineer"s) blower motor resistor and also not ~ above its connector.

OK, these are the check steps:

Visually inspect the condition of the blower resistor"s coils and it"s electrical connector.Is the connector melted? are the coils in one piece?

Probe terminals 2 and 1 with your multimeter check leads (see image above).Your multimeter should register a resistance of about 0.9 come 1.4 Ohms ( ).NOTE: See photo 4 of 4 to recognize the appropriate male spade terminals to probe).

Probe terminals 4 and 1 through your multimeter check leads (see image above).Your multimeter should register a resistance of about 0.6 to 0.8 Ohms ( ).

Probe terminals 4 and 3 through your multimeter test leads (see picture above).Your multimeter should register a resistance of around 0.2 come 0.3 Ohms ( ).This test also test the continuity of the blower resistor thermal fuse.

IMPORTANT: There"s a great chance the you won"t see precisely the resistance values I"ve noted (on your multimeter). The important thing is for your multimeter to register continuity in the type a resistance value. If your multimeter it is registered OL (Open Loop), then that resistor is bad.

Let"s take it a look at what your test results mean:

CASE 1: The blower resistor did not display continuity in one of the indicated tests above. Double check that you"re trial and error the correct blower resistor pins and also repeat the test(s).

If her multimeter quiet does not display continuity because that those particular blower resistor pins (you"re testing) climate this test an outcome confirms that your Ford Explorer"s (Ranger, Mercury Mountaineer"s) blower motor resistor is bad and also needs to be replaced.

CASE 2: The blower resistor passed every one of the continually tests shown above. This is great and is the correct and expected test an outcome that speak you that the blower motor resistor is OK and not the cause of the blower motor rate problem.

You have got rid of the blower resistor as negative on your Ford traveler (Ranger, Mercury Mountaineer). If you"re still having actually a blower motor speed issue, climate I indicate that you perform the following test.

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The next step indirect tests the blower switch on the A/C Heater manage panel by bypassing the blower resistor with a jumper wire: check 2: utilizing A Jumper cable To Bypass The Blower Resistor.