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Hi,My son has a 99 Frontier 4wd 6cyl Auto. The speedometer quit working (also the check engine light come on in ~ the very same time). Exactly how do we diagnose the trouble so that us don"t purchase the wrong expensive parts? exactly how we then make the repairs?Thanks, JenCliff


may not be related at all......but the CEL is occasionally kicked on from the speedo no hooking up. I had actually a friend the disconnected his speedo therefore the odometer would certainly not log in miles travelled.well it offered him a CEL and he was told the happened reason of the disconnect. Part ecus, indigenous what i was told, regulate fuel/air mixture through automobile speed. Not certain if that helps or damages your cause. An excellent luck
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I recognize this doesn"t assist you with which PN come buy from AutoZone, but it"s something. I hope somebody else have the right to chime in who has had actually this difficulty before.These space the codes for the 3.3 and 2.4 frontier and also exterraNissan Frontier Extera van 3.3L OBDII trouble Codes DTC TroubleshootingFRONTIER & XTERRA 3.3L P0000 No me Diagnostic Failure indicated P0100 MAF Sensor P0105 Absolute pressure Sensor P0110 IAT Sensor P0115 ECT Sensor P0120 TP Sensor P0125 ECT Sensor P0130–P0134 former HO2S RH bank P0135 front HO2S Heater RH financial institution P0136–P0140 behind HO2S RH financial institution P0141 rear HO2S Heater RH bank P0150–P0154 front HO2S LH bank P0155 prior HO2S Heater LH financial institution P0157–P0161 behind HO2S LH bank P0171 Fuel Injection mechanism Lean RH financial institution P0172 Fuel Injection device Rich RH financial institution P0174 Fuel Injection system Lean LH bank P0175 Fuel Injection system Rich LH financial institution P0180 Tank Fuel Temperature Sensor P0217 Engine over Temp P0300 many Cylinder Misfire P0301–P0306 Misfire Cylinders 1–6 P0325 hit Sensor P0335 CKP Sensor P0340 CMP Sensor P0400 EGR duty P0402 EGRC-BPT Valve duty P0420 TWC role P0430 TWC duty P0440 EVAP System little Leak P0443 EVAP Canister Purge regulate Valve & Solenoid Valve P0446 EVAP Canister Vent manage P0450 EVAP system Pressure Sensor P0500 VSS P0505 IAC-AAC Valve P0510 CTP move P0600 A/T control & communication Line P0705 Park Neutral position Switch/Circuit P0710 ATF Temp Sensor/Circuit P0720 vehicle Speed Sensor/Circuit P0725 Engine rate Signal P0731 A/T first Gear role P0732 A/T second Gear duty P0733 A/T 3rd Gear function P0734 A/T 4th Gear duty P0740 TCC Solenoid/Circuit P0744 A/T TCC Switch/Valve role P0745 Low press Solenoid/Circuit P0750 transition Solenoid A/Circuit P0755 shift Solenoid B/Circuit P1105 MAP/BARO move Solenoid Valve P1148 closeup of the door Loop B1 P1168 closeup of the door Loop B2 P1320 Ignition Signal P1336 CKP Sensor P1400 EGR Valve & EVAP Canister Purge control Solenoid Valve P1401 EGR Temperature Sensor P1402 EGR mechanism P1440 EVAP System small Leak P1444 Purge Volume manage Valve P1446 EVAP Canister Vent control Valve P1447 EVAP mechanism Purge flow Monitoring P1448 Vacuum reduced Valve P1490 Vacuum reduced Valve Bypass Valve P1491 Vacuum reduced Valve Bypass Valve P1605 A/T Diagnosis interaction Line P1705 Throttle place Sensor/Circuit A/T P1706 PNP Switch/Circuit P1760 Over/Run Clutch Solenoid/Circuit