"theft device problem automobile may not restart" this blog post flashes on dash, how have the right to I clean this message?

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try resetting theft system by using this guidehttps://www.lennythewonderdog.net/articles/how-to-reset-a-security-systemPlease run down this guide and report back.

I have codes cycling anti theft system trouble airbag service coolant ns r d 1 2 3 irradiate is blinking. Once the codes come on the disables the radio heat/air seat controls and also something is draining my battery. Please help I am lost.

Hello, that sounds favor you have actually a BCM that is the end or a poor ground or power supply come the BCM. Right here is a wiring diagram and the BCM ar so you deserve to test for power and also ground. If it s okay then that looks prefer the BCM will must be replaced. There are 5 fuses that run the system they all have to be checked prior to you begin. Lock are provided in the wiring diagram below.https://www.lennythewonderdog.net/articles/how-to-check-a-car-fuseandhttps://www.lennythewonderdog.net/articles/how-to-check-wiringandhttps://www.lennythewonderdog.net/articles/how-to-use-a-test-light-circuit-tester(Check out the diagrams below) If the BCM is poor you will require to have it programmed to the car before it will work.Please allow us know what girlfriend find. We room interested to check out what the is.Cheers, Ken


Hi, my passive security mechanism goes turn off every time i stop. The horn bloes and also the head lamp flash for about a minute.
Is this when you stop and also the car is shut off? It have to not be armed if the automobile has an ignition input. If the happens as soon as the automobile is stationary, locked with key off, you could have a tribe tamper or door lock cylinder switch that is faulty.
mine 1998 Cadillac DeVille, with 89,050 miles, was just purchased by me a main ago. I have had no troubles at all until this morning. When I approached the car and pushed the unlock button, nothing happened. Tried every buttons ~ above the remote and also nothing worked. Unlocked car with key and i found it no interior lights. Turned key and began car, began fine, however the horn to be blowing choose it was just broken into. Shut turn off car and also the entire dash was blinking on and off for around 2 minutes. Lastly quit flashing yet continues to perform same point everytime I start it. I figure it is and electrical problem but not certain where come start.
Whenever one electrical problem occurs, the an initial thing to carry out is examine your battery terminals make certain they are clean and also make sure they space tight, have you replaced the battery in her remote? Checkout both things and also get ago to me, and I will certainly lead girlfriend in a different direction.
The battery is new and terminals room cleaned and also tight. The dash states security mechanism problem. The vehicle started yet died once the gas pedal is engaged. We bought new batteries because that both of our remotes. However, the remotes carry out not work. The car will not begin at all now.
that reads a message theft system car may no restartand additionally service wait bag it done this as soon as before and I un hooked battery and it excellent nothing for it till a month later it was just fine every the suden currently the very same thing has occur again want to understand if the computer has a method to host power for a when or if it has actually a reset the radio wont work the trunk button or fuel door nothing in the dash the seats no either yet the windows do and also it starts and will only run because that a few seconds. Any type of ideas I have a chip vital and it and also the wires in the ignition have been checked they room fine that does start an rin for around 8 seconds
The wires in the ignition are great the vital is an excellent and that reads no codes ns tried come relearn i dont know if ns doing that ideal it startsbut only runs because that a couple of seconds climate dies display screens no fuel level room none that the diplars lock just have 2 present ecept the gear indictors irradiate up and flash it says theft mechanism problem auto may not re start and also flashes to service air bag and head lamps sugessted radio go not occupational tunk will certainly not popular music seats will certainly not move climate control buttons carry out not job-related im lost help last time i charged my battery every night hooked it up and also it solved self after it collection for a month ns cant have actually that currently it is just wheels currently
You perform not have actually a security device issue. What you most likely are suffering is a class 2 interactions system fault, brief to strength or ground. Every module top top the automobile is course 2, it might be a result of a faulty module, or a circuit problem.
Hi, Im having trouble with my 98 cadillac deville. One morning I obtained in mine car and also got the warning "theft system problem automobile may no restart" Iv replaced my an essential and lock. Ns do have actually a dead quick that iv traced ago to my comfort fuse in the behind hatch. Iv make the efforts to traction codes number of times but there's none to pull. It just reads pcm? Icm? and also so forth. Wondering if ns may have actually a pcm. Would certainly that be resulting in the short back to mine battery.
The PCM would certainly not relate to a brief on the comfort fuse circuit. Is the fuse blowing, or the battery going dead? when you press and hold off and warmer, it should display any codes because that each module, or no XXX password if there room no codes in the corresponding module. When it says PCM, and also you push fan up, it should pick PCM, and fan down will certainly scroll choices like PCM override, PCM codes, PCM data, etc. To mark PCM codes and press fan up again, that should display codes. Or, role to VTD codes, and also perform the very same procedure.
The fuse dosnt punch it just runs the battery down. Once I run the password it simply cycles through saying "no xxx codes" on every counts.
so after you changed the ignition lock and key, you have actually no theft message, it sounds like you have actually no codes, so your concern is a battery drain that go away once the lull fuse is removed?
The drainpipe with the fuse started the very same time the theft message started. That starts for around 2 seconds and dies. I changed the crucial and lock yet it still does the exact same thing. That will begin for a couple of seconds and also die. The air and also radio no come ~ above ither. Ns originaly tracked the drainpipe to the body 3 fuse on the front fuse panel and also then more to the lull fuse in the rear. Likewise I have a slight drainpipe from the pull down fuse in the rear compartment. All these troubles started at the same time.

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You cite drains and slight drains, yet give no specifics. Top top the slight drainpipe from the pull under fuse, what is slight? some is acceptable, roughly 20-30 mA. By pulling the comfort fuse, you are affecting several circuits. It provides power come the CD changer, remote role actuation(keyless), heater and a/c programmer, and platform ar module(body control). It likewise powers the manage side of what is dubbed the regulated power relay. This relay is base by the PZM. The pull down fuse simply supplies strength to the pull under motor. An initial thing I would do, is v all circuits intact, pull the controlled power relay that is in the rear electronics bay in relay center #1. If the attract goes away, other is keeping the PZM awake. This might be somewhat facility to situate without a scan tool. Go this auto have aftermarket stuff set up in it, through chance. The is a significant contributor to electrical troubles on these vehicles.