Fuses and also Circuit Breakers

The wiring circuits in the car are safeguarded from quick circuits by a mix of fuses and also circuit breakers. This greatly reduces the chance of damage caused by electric problems.

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Danger - Fuses and circuit breakers are marked with your ampere rating.Do not exceed the mentioned amperage rating when replacing fuses and also circuit breakers. Use of an overlapping fuse or circuit breaker can result in a vehicle fire. You and others might be seriously hurt or killed.
To check a fuse, look in ~ the silver-colored tape inside the fuse.If the tape is damaged or melted, replace the fuse. Be certain to replace a bad fuse v a brand-new one of the the same size and rating.Fuses of the very same amperage deserve to be temporarily borrowed from one more fuse location, if a fuse walk out. Replace the fuse as soon as possible.

Engine Compartment Fuse Block

Engine Compartment Fuse Block Location

The engine compartment fuse block is ~ above the driver side of the engine compartment.There is a fuse puller
in the engine compartment fuse block. It can be supplied to easily remove fuses from the fuse block.

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Caution - Spilling liquid on any type of electrical component on the automobile may damage it. Always keep the covers on any kind of electrical component.
Engine Compartment Fuse dashboard Diagram

Fuses Usage
1 –2 –3 Antilock brake device (ABS) pump/Electric brake boost5 –6 stems (2020 version Rear closure)7 –8 memory seat module9 electrical brake boost/ Pedestrian trusted alert duty – HEV10 automatic occupant sensing/Airbag – HEV11 DC DC battery 1/ Heating, ventilation, and also air air conditioning blower motor12 Rear home window defogger13 boil mirrors14 –15 Passive entry/Passive start16 front wiper17 Passenger strength seat18 Antilock brake device (ABS) valve19 Driver power seat21 Sunroof22 Parking lamp23 automatically headlamp leveling/Adaptive front lighting24 –26 Transmission regulate module/Ignition27 tool panel/ Body/Ignition28 –29 behind vision camera/ Ventilated seats30 failure indicator lamp/Ignition32 Canister vent solenoid/Evap leak inspect module33 prior heated seat34 Battery system manager/Accessory strength module fan35 Body manage module 6/Body regulate module 736 Fuel module38 –39 –40 Steering obelisk lock41 –43 cook steering wheel44 automatic headlamp leveling45 –46 Engine control module/Ignition47 –48 electric brake boost – HEV/ Cooling fan49 DC DC battery 250 –51 –52 –53 –54 –55 –56 Starter motor57 Diesel exhaust fluid heater58 –59 High-beam headlamps60 Cooling fan61 –62 –63 –65 Air air conditioning – HEV67 –68 –69 –70 –72 Starter pinion74 –75 Engine manage module main76 Engine control module sense78 Horn79 Washer pump81 Transmission regulate module/Engine regulate module82 –83 Ignition coil84 Powertrain top top engine85 Shunt86 Shunt87 –88 Aeroshutter89 –91 –92 Traction strength inverter module/Motor generator unit pump – HEV/ transmission oil pump – no HEV93 automatically headlamp leveling95 –96 –97 –99 Coolant pump
Relays Usage4 –20 Rear window defogger25 former wiper control31 Run/Crank37 former wiper speed42 –64 Starter motor66 Powertrain71 –73 wait conditioning80 Starter pinion90 –94 –98 Diesel Fuel heater (2020 model --)
Instrument dashboard Fuse Block Location

The instrument panel fuse block is ~ above the driver side of the tool panel. To access the fuses:1. Pull the end at the center of the ideal edge, and swing the sheathe out and to the left.2. Remove the cover.To reinstall the cover, heat up the tabs ~ above the left edge, and also press the cover into place.
Instrument panel Fuse panel Diagram

Fuses Usage
F1 Left power windowsF2 appropriate power windowsF3 –F4 Heating, ventilation, and air air conditioning blowerF5 Body regulate module 2 (without Stop/Start option)F6 Left rear heated seatF7 ideal rear cook seatF8 Body regulate module 3F9 Engine manage module/Rear battery-HEVF10 Body regulate module 2 (with Stop/Start option)F11 –F12 –F13 –F14 –F15 Transmission regulate module (with Stop/ begin option)F16 AmplifierF17 Seat power lumbarF18 –F19 –F20 Body manage module 1 (without Stop/Start option)F21 Body control module 4 F22 –F23 electrical steering column lockF24 Sensing and diagnostic module/ automatic occupant sensing (Airbag)F25 Data link connectorF26 –F27 AC DC inverterF28 –F29 Body manage module 8F30 Overhead consoleF31 Steering wheel controlsF32 –F33 Heating, ventilation, and also air conditioningF34 central gateway moduleF35 Diesel exhaust fluid controlF36 Wireless charger/USB chargerF37 prior accessory power outlets/ tobacco lighter – China onlyF38 OnStarF39 DisplayF40 obstacle detectionF41 Body control module 1 (with Stop/Start option)F42 RadioF43 –F44 Console accessory strength outlet – rear Relays .. UsageK1 –K2 kept accessory powerK3 –K4 –K5 – see / Download 2019 Chevrolet Malibu Fuses Owner Manual