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Hi allI"m brand-new to this website I have a 2005 TB ext ls. Have actually loss of strength took it neighborhood dealership and also they claimed plugged converter. Not sure I believe that but ordered a brand-new one fron Summit Racing hard to find and also right now I"m pulling the converter to have look What all needs to come turn off the automobile before converter come out any kind of direction would certainly be substantially appreciated Thanks


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Hi allI"m brand-new to this site I have actually a 2005 TB ext ls. Have loss of power took it regional dealership and also they stated plugged converter. Not sure I think that but ordered a brand-new one fron Summit Racing difficult to find and right now I"m pulling the converter to have actually look What all needs to come off the auto before converter comes out any kind of direction would be considerably appreciated Thanks
ns couldn"t obtain my cat out, had to cut it, simply not enough room to get it out however they speak the brand-new ones room a little much shorter and will certainly go increase in there . Space you obtaining the hole peace that goes indigenous the manifold to the muffler or simply a aftermarket cat ?

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A clogged CAT is pretty common over 75k miles, yet you didn"t tell us how numerous you have on it. Also, you won"t constantly get a code. I didn"t. Therefore the dealer is most likely being straight with you. Gained an Oxy/Acetylene torch? warmth those 3 bolts up red hot and they"ll be much an ext cooperative. MAP gas won"t be warm enough. Castle are likewise a lot easier to gain at if girlfriend take off the ideal front tire. The EXT is actually much easier to change the CAT on than a traditional The EXT does have actually a cross member for the infection mount that"ll be in the way. You will certainly not get the CAT the end and ago in without removing that cross member. Not conveniently anyway. Usage a floor jack to secure the transmission and also remove the overcome member. It just take a few minutes and also your life will be lot easier. Don"t bother reusing the downstream O2 sensor, just get a new one. Might too replace the #1 O2 sensor on the exhaust manifold as well, specifically if you"re approaching 100k. You can rent the socket for these indigenous AutoZone because that free. The real problem is what led to the CAT to clog in the first place. Numerous things can cause it, mine I think was brought about by a bad thermostat, making the run too cold. The engine temp should be appropriate on 210 or contempt to the left with the needle still "kissing" the 210 mark. Any kind of lower for long periods and its running too cold. Mine was listed below for at the very least 8 months. Anyway, you"ll want to track down the cause or you"ll be doing this again in a year or less.