Honda Accord, 2001: Taillights and also Dash lights do not work. I understand from some internet search that the trouble night be the Multiplex regulate Unit (MCU). Perform you have any kind of insight on the cause, and also is over there a method to inspect the MCUHeadlights workTurn signals workHazard lamp workBreak lights workFuses all good

Hello, over there is a tail irradiate relay that goes out in these cars here is a tail light and dash irradiate wiring diagram so you have the right to see just how it works and see the tail irradiate relay powers both that those examine it out. are the diagrams fuse and relay locationsCheck the end the diagrams (Below)Please let us recognize what you find. We space interested to see what the is.Cheers




many thanks for the diagrams, yet I dual checked the #10 fuse. Sure enough, it was bad. I adjusted the fuse and all functions well. Many thanks for your help.
glad to below you discovered it. Friend still may have actually an problem with what go out the fuse in the an initial place yet time will tell.
ns purchased the vehicle used, and also there was an aftermarket radio and alarm system installed the fuse for the radio had blown together well. Mine daughter had actually the auto for 3 years before any kind of issues started. I doubt that you space spot-on with your assessment--Thanks again for her help.
difficulty came back. Currently the #10 fuse blows every time I turn on the headlights. Therefore I confirm the tail irradiate wiring connectors and one to be melted when I resolved it the problem when away.
happy you might get that fixed, that sort of trouble can be tough. Please use anytime us are right here to helpCheers
I have a similar problem. I would placed in the fuse, the tool illumination lights, to run lights front and also rear, would certainly come on however never walk off, no matter the headlight move position. Because that a little bit I was simply pulling the fuse thinking "this stinks however I will certainly get around to addressing it." now every time I placed that fuse in, it blows instantly. And also to top it off, currently none that the windows are working now, separate from the fuse blowing. Checked all the fuses come the strength windows including main under the hood, no luck.
This sounds prefer two different problems. The home window issue please start a new questionPlease write-up your new question here, you should be logged in. begin with the fuse blowing i beg your pardon I have actually seen a shorted/melted pear or socket cause the fuse to blow. Below is a guide to aid us acquire started: out the bulb through the terminals melted together.Please operation down this guide and also report back.Cheers, Ken
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