Ford has been the pioneer in the automotive auto industry. Indigenous the innovation of classiccars come power-packed beast cars, it has proved the mettle. Ford Mustang is among that beastfrom the residence of Ford that has actually gained enormous popularity. The fourth generation that theFord Mustang was one of the classic cars through a power-packed mechanism and practicalfeatures.

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Ford Mustang: 4th Generation

From that, it has acquired different features that prove it as ideal in class. The fourth-generation mustangs are equipped with timeless appearance and design through side scoopsculpturing, grille opening, and also tri-bar taillights. Apart from continuous features, the differentvariants have actually some innovative ones also. As soon as it involves power Ford mustang is theleading auto in its segment the provides enormous power.With the class-apart features, this model has actually gained various accolades and also awards such asthe "Car that the Year" award for the new '94 model. If you are a performance enthusiast,then the engine capacity of the Ford Mustang will aid you in getting a unique power-packed performance. Through the V8 engine options, one can obtain optimal torque and also power. Itis amongst those supercharged cars that room potent in providing nearly all the features.After the version was created in 1995, it has experienced different upgrades andtechnological changes. The introduction of 4.6-liter SOHC and also DOHC engines makes themmore power-packed. It is just one of the most renowned engines in this model due to its optimalperformance and also effective mechanism.

This model is amongst the ideal in course cars because that those who want power-packed performanceand a beast oriented one. Come date, the is amongst the most desired power pack cars thathave its style statement. The distinct experience of power and elegance lures the peopletowards it.


The fuse panel is located below and to the left ofthe steering wheel through the brake pedal. Eliminate thepanel covering to access the fuses.

To eliminate a fuse use the fuse puller device providedon the fuse dashboard cover.

Fuse/Relay LocationFuse Amp RatingDescription
120ACigar Lighter
220AEngine Controls
3-Not Used
410ARH short Beam Headlamp
515AInstrument Cluster, Traction regulate Switch
620AStarter motor Relay
715AGEM, interior Lamps
820AEngine Controls
9-Not Used
1010ALH short Beam Headlamp
1115ABack-up Lamps
12-Not Used
1315AElectronic Flasher
14-Not Used
1515APower Lumbar
16-Not Used
1715ASpeed regulate Servo, change Lock Actuator
1815AElectronic Flasher
1915APower winter Switch, GEM, Anti-Theft Relay, strength Door Locks, Door Ajar Switches
2015AConvertible optimal Switch
215AInstrument Cluster and also Engine manage Memory
22-Not Used
2315AA/C Clutch, Defogger Switch
2430AClimate regulate Blower Motor
2525ALuggage Compartment Lid Release
2630AWiper/Washer Motor, Wiper Relays
2815AGEM, Overdrive release Switch
2915AABS Module
3015ADRL Module
3110AData attach Connector
3215ARadio, CD Player, GEM
3315AStop lamp Switch, Speed manage Deactivation Switch
3420AInstrument Cluster, CCRM, Data link Connector, Securilock Transciever Module
3515AShift Lock Actuator, PCM, Speed control Servo, ABS Module
3615AAirbag control Module
3710AAdjustable Illumination
40-Not Used
4115ABrake Lamp
4320ACB strength Windows
44-Not Used


The power circulation box is situated in the enginecompartment. The power circulation box containshigh-current fuses that protect your vehicle’s mainelectrical solution from overloads.

The high-current fuses space coded together follows.

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Fuse/Relay LocationFuse Amp RatingDescription
Relay 1-Fog desk lamp Interrupt
Relay 2-Int. Wiper
Relay 3-Wiper HI/LO
Relay 4-Starter
Relay 5-Fog Lamps
150A**(4.6L), 30A CB (3.8L) electric Cooling pan Motor
340A**Starter motor Relay, Ignition Switch
440A**Ignition Switch
540A**Ignition Switch
640A**Instrument Cluster, PCM
730A**Secondary waiting Injection (3.8L only)
850A**ABS Module
920A**Auxiliary power Point
1130A**Rear home window Defrost Control
1240A**Power Windows, strength Locks
13-Not Used
1420A*Fuel Pump
1720A*Anti-Lock Brake System
1825A*Power Seats
19-Not Used
21-Not Used
22-Not Used
23-Not Used
2420A*A/C push (3.8L only)
25-Not Used
2720A**DRL Module, Foglamp Relay
2825ACB Convertible Top

* Mini Fuses** Maxi Fuses

every Ford Mustang IV info & diagrams noted on this site are listed for basic information function only. Really Ford Mustang IV (1994-2004) diagrams & schemes (fuse box diagrams & layouts, ar diagrams, wiring diagrams etc.) may vary count on the model version.