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Hey All! Been looking around and can not find a detailed procedure for transforming the tranny fluid. I"m leaving Thursday because that a driving vacation and also have 30K miles on mine 2000 LX - was hoping to do it before then. From various other posts, i gather that the drainpipe plug is ~ above the bottom behind of the tranny. Drains out about 3.5 quarts and then you include that much back in through a white painted filler bolt on top of the tranny? Is this correct? ns don"t have actually the Helms hands-on yet.TIA,Carl
Sounds right. There are 2 bolts, a drain and a filler. Pretty me explanatory. Some execute it 3 times (pick-up a case) as there is still too many left once doing a drain/refill.
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More questions:1) exactly how lot did civilization find to drain out that the plug? I"m planning to buy 4 or 5 quarts of Honda ATF, because a few posts in the archives it seems ~ to suggest 3-4 quarts every change.2) Is the Honda drain plug magnetic? If not, has anyone purchased a magnetic replacement?3) There appears to it is in a like washer ~ above the tranny drainpipe plug, is over there one on the fill plug, too? walk you change them?4) any kind of reason you can"t to fill the tranny liquid through the dipstick spout rather of utilizing the to fill plug? The dipstick tube seems much simpler to access, plus there"s no washer to replace.5) Is over there a filter to replace everywhere that doesn"t require taking personally the transmission? ns didn"t watch one, however I can have to let go it.Thanks!
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The at does undoubtedly contain only 4-5 quarts(its in the owner manual, yet I"m as well lazy come look the up). The trouble is you can only gain a part of it out through each drain. I recognize that a full situation is commonly required because that the 3 drain/fills. Sounds favor you have the right to get around 4 quarts out with each drain(assuming a 12 quart case). Never changed it myself.The plug most likely is magnetic, others will know. I"d placed an aftermarket one in if the is not magnetic.You are claimed to change both washers, and there is one ~ above the fill, too, if it"s anything favor my Integra.Can"t tell if the dipstick is ok to use for filling. Probably is fine.No filter outside to the transmission, to mine knowledge.
2013 Smoky Topaz Odyssey Touring2008 Saab 9-3 2.0T to change the Integra2002 MB EXL-RES(sold in ~ 137k miles)1994 Acura Integra GSR(sold in 2009 v 195k, steal from new owner after only 7 months!)
According come the Honda Odyssey business Manual, web page 2-6.For fluid change: 2.9 us quarts or 2.7LitresFor review : 7.5 us quart or 7.1 Litres.Page 14-109 ATF replacement;1. Lug transmission approximately operating temperature by control the vehicle.2. Park the vehicle on level ground, and turn the engine off3. Eliminate ATF filler bolt and the drain plug, and drain the automatic transmission fluid.4. Re-install the drainpipe plug through a brand-new sealing washer.5. Refill the transmission with the recommended liquid into the filler feet to the upper mark on the dipstick.6. Download the ATF filler bolt through a new sealing washer.Torque for drain plug: 36lb-ftTorque for filler bolt: 33 lb-ft.There is no user replaceable transmission filters on our OdysseyBest regards from Montreal, CanadaRobertC
I was standing corrected, in the 2002 manual it is on p 14-148.It doesn"t indicate repeating the readjust procedure is necessary. I"m not convinced that the isn"t a good idea, though. to show the multiple flush/fill is recomended.

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2013 Smoky Topaz Odyssey Touring2008 Saab 9-3 2.0T to replace the Integra2002 MB EXL-RES(sold at 137k miles)1994 Acura Integra GSR(sold in 2009 with 195k, stolen from new owner after just 7 months!)
I was standing corrected, in the 2002 hand-operated it is on ns 14-148.It doesn"t show repeating the adjust procedure is necessary. I"m not persuaded that the isn"t a good idea, though.

The drain plug is indeed magnetic. It will have some degree of metallic particles on the ... Specifically if this is your very first "fluid freshening". Nothing to worry about unless you watch some bigger "chunks" attached to the plug. Clean that off before reinstallation. :stupid:
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An illustration (item 37) on page 14-476 the the Helm manual shows an external ATF filter ~ above the 2002 5 rate trans. It appears that it is just replaced as component of a rebuild. It would be good if we can replace it periodically- like after first 1000 miles. Anybody excellent that?

It appears to me that it would certainly be a good idea to include a replaceable AFT filter, however I haven"t been able to find any type of information around what could be obtainable from Honda. The aftermarket filters that i have discovered seem to be overkill and also could perhaps reduce circulation through the cooler. I"d hate to give Honda a factor to refuse warrantee coverage since I added a filter.Could you short article a snapshot (scan) of the manual page and also any component number info?Thanks,Mel
MelSorry however I don"t have actually scanning capability. Maybe someone else will jump in. The designation 22 N-m is shown by the arrow to the filter yet I don"t understand if that is the component #.Frank


Results-Breaking the fill and also drain bolts was the hardest component of the job by far. Couldn"t do the fill port through a standard socket wrench- needed a 12" extension and also a breaker bar to perform it, and also even climate it to be tough. Ns did usage a typical socket wrench because that the drainpipe plug, though I had actually to break it by kicking it due to the fact that I couldn"t get any type of leverage together I didn"t have it top top ramps to get an ext room.Anyway, the filler bolt takes a 17mm socket, and the drain plug simply a typical 3/8" square socket drive.I drained practically exactly 3.5 quarts out of a 2001 LX, v the valve level and NOT ~ above ramps. Access to the drainpipe plug is relatively easy even without ramps, since it is close come the front of the compartment. You could do the on ramps, but I"m sure much more fluid would certainly be trapped.The drain plug did have a pretty 3/4" long cylindrical magnet ~ above it. After ~ 19k miles, the liquid actually showed up pretty clean, still red and translucent. The magnet did have a nice coating that fine corpuscle on it.I ordered components from HondaPartsForYou.Com. Business was excellent. In the previous I"ve ordered indigenous HandA and Hparts, and all three are reliable. The Honda ATF fluid was $3.06 a quart, the Washers were $1.27 and $1.51 each. The washer component numbers were 90471-PX4-000 and 90441-PK4-000. Unfortunately, i don"t mental which was which:-(I also changed the air filter just for the hell of it. The brand-new filter to be $14.87. The totally free shipping market at HondaPartsForYou is supposedly gone, all orders now price $3.95 which is quiet a pretty good deal. The old filter was dirty, but not filthy. Getting at the filter wasn"t difficult, yet you do have to remove 6 bolts to acquire at it. A lot of more facility than many cars I"ve had, whereby it usually involves flipping one or 2 clips and popping the new one in.
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