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Ok, ~ a couple of weeks of my Rodeo having a difficult time cranking I obtained fed up through it because it was embarrassing when you go to crank your vehicle and also all the does the spin and also spin and spin. People are looking in ~ you prefer you"re retarded cause your vehicle won"t crank, :lol:First make sure it"s her fuel pump and not miscellaneous else. Friend can examine your fuel push by putting a fuel pressure gauge on her fuel rail i m sorry is situated on the driver"s next of the engine block. The cap looks choose a tire cap. Undo it and also hook the gauge up. Girlfriend don"t necessarily have to crank the car up, i didn"t, just turn the key to the acces. Position. Have actually someone host the gauge while girlfriend turne the key. Now, typically the fuel pump will certainly send approximately 40psi the fuel to your engine. I knew mine was negative cause it just sent 8psi! If you rotate the an essential off and on a couple of times your pressure need to go increase to around 40. If yours walk what mine did, its her fuel pump.I went v an Airtex native, I"ve preached for years how awesome those guys are. The shipping is fast and also extremely cheap. You have the right to opt out of doing this yourself, trust me when I noticed mine going out I disputed on doing the myself reason you immediately think that you can"t execute it and also it"d be easier to let a mechanic execute it. Fine this isn"t true, with an easy hand tools, a relatively level driveway, and also a jack you can do this fairly easily. Yes sir on come the pics and fuel pump replacement.... :wink:Step 1: i went ahead and also put the jack through a item of lumber under the tank.

Step 2: Disconnect the an adverse battery cable, ns couldn"t figure out why simply the negative, five well let"s monitor what the indict say. :lol:

This is your fuel pump, you deserve to see the from the behind fender wheel if girlfriend stick her head in there. Body lifts make this MUCH much easier to do.

Step 3: Ok, this is where I gained kind that iffy. Being as just how I"ve never operated fuel before, ns was worried about fuel pressure structure up, so ns took this ago hose turn off to relieve the pressure before continuing. It"s going to fume because that a couple of minutes, so definitely keep open up flames away from the truck at every times.

Step 4: as soon as you gain the tank supported good, you can obtain ready to drop it. I left the wires and also fuel filler neck hooked approximately the tank, as soon as you drop the you must have enough room to get whatever undone. Here"s the very first bolt that"s appropriate behind the torsion bar bolt.

Here"s the second bolt. There are 2 more at the earlier of the tank, I had actually to reach about the driveshaft to obtain to one and to acquire to the various other one you"re going to need to reach around the coil spring.
Step 5: now you"re prepared to reduced the tank, gradually lower the tank while friend watch any kind of lines that room being stretched. Remember we left the currently hooked as much as it, unless you could get them off prior to lowering the tank. As soon as you get it lowered enough, pull off the remaining hoses and wire clamps. Be mindful with these environment-friendly clips, you"re walking to be reusing these. Girlfriend don"t need to pull the tank fully out indigenous under the truck, just obtain it sufficient where you can pull the pump out.
Step 6: next is the snap ring, be cautious with this also, the feels like it have the right to break easily, you"ll be reusing this too so collection it aside.
Step 7: once you obtain the snap ring off, the pump is prepared to come out. This will most likely take some tweaking and turning, simply keep pulling increase while you revolve it and it have to come off the blue rubber bushing/gasket.
This is the old one. The feeding tube had a dime size hole in it, so that might have been part of the problem.
Two points i desire to suggest out here. To acquire the snap ring earlier on, you"re going to need to push down on the pump through some *** behind you, lol, climate the ring need to slide in the grooves you see here. Second, you can see i reused the eco-friendly clips come re-attach the hoses. The one ~ above the left is slightly smaller, so don"t it is in a dummy like me and sit there and scratch your head wondering why the won"t walk on. :lol: The big one go on the right.
Step 10: Be careful to not reduced the wrong one here, make sure you color code or enhance the wiring harness to this plug. After ~ you reduced the plug walk ahead and splice the wires and also attach them in addition to the connectors.
Step 11: once you get to this point, just collection the wiring exploit to the side, make certain you gain it far enough away since when you go to progressive the tank ago up, friend won"t get it hung up on anything.
Step 12: currently you"re prepared to progressive the tank ago up. I had the ability to raise the tank every the method up and secure it through the 4 mounting bolts prior to i hooked the wires and hoses earlier up. If girlfriend think it"ll be easier to carry out the hoses and also wires first, then do everything you think is necessary and easiest. Once you the tank secured v the bolts, tighten the hoses through the clamps, and likewise plug the connectors back in. Check, re-check, and triple inspect everything prior to you begin the engine. Do sure every little thing is bolted and clamped, last point you require is gas almost everywhere the driveway. Re-attach your an unfavorable battery cable.

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You may have to turn the key on and off a couple of times to obtain the fuel pump primed and also to get enough fuel began in the lines. Fire increase the engine and also stand back to check any leaks.If you don"t have any kind of leaks, then you"re done. Go over everything if you need to, ns did several times. Hope this will assist someone who has actually never excellent one before and wants to conserve at least $300 from having actually to take it it to a mechanic.PM me if girlfriend have any type of questions, Im below to help. Enjoy.