Power windows are an awesome enhancement to any type of vehicle, as soon as they job! If you are searching for a solution to malfunctioning power windows, store reading.

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This article uses to the Jeep Cherokee XJ (1984-2001).

Windows that fail to function are among the many inconveniencing problems you can experience on your vehicle. Drive-thru meals and ATMs end up being a hassle, frequently resulting in an unfortunate range in profane remarks. Prior to you deserve to fix the windows on friend XJ, you have actually to figure out why they no longer function. Over there are several reasons, and we"ve bring away this possibility to list the most usual ones girlfriend can examine to resolve those difficult power home windows on her vehicle.


Materials NeededTest lightFusesPliersScrewdriverMetric socket collection up come 19mmConnector cleaner

Step 1 – inspect the power home window fuse

Your fuse can be blown.

Like every electrical component on her Jeep, the power home window wires route through a fuse. If her fuse is damaged, every one of your strength windows will not work.

Open the fuse panel from the within of your engine bay and also locate the number 12 fuse.Pull the fuse out with pliers and check the connection.If the connect is blown, change the fuse and shot to usage the windows.
Figure 1. Check your fuses.

Step 2 – check your cable connections

There might be a cable short.

Over time, the wires because that your window switch may become frayed, bring about there to it is in a loose connection. Once this happens, the window will intermittently work and also may sometimes completely fail. In order to settle the problem, friend will have to remove the trim contents from the impacted side that the cabin and also inspect the wiring with the use of a check light.

Figure 2. Examine the power home window switch connection.

Step 3 – examine the power window switch

The move may have failed.

The move is the regulate module because that your power windows. It sends out voltage with the electrical connectors, fuse and into the regulator. If the switches contact are charred out, it will certainly not have the ability to send the voltage needed to run the windows. Before replacing the unit, check it due to the fact that you may have the ability to re-solder the call points and fix it.

Figure 3. Check you home window switch.

Step 4 – examine your window regulator

The motor may have actually failed.

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The home window regulator is the component the lowers and raises the glass. It provides a engine to operate, in addition to a device of rails, which slides the glass up and also down. The bracket, which mounts come the window, has actually plastic this that at some point dulls out. You can fix the bracket to stop replacing the whole assembly, just if the the motor still works. If the rest of the system, including the switches, connectors, and fuses, turns out to it is in fine, you need to replace the home window regulator.