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I have a 2001 Nissan Xterra 4WD and also I am trying to locate the crankshaft place sensor If you have the right to tell me where it is and if the is possible post a snapshot to present where it is ? give thanks to You you re welcome answer ASAP!!!!!!!

There"s only a select couple of members the don"t have a trouble cutting up their X... And I think there all in Colorado.
This is what you desire to read
There"s only a select few members that don"t have actually a problem cutting up their X... And also I believe there every in Colorado.
There"s just a select couple of members the don"t have a problem cutting up their X... And also I think there every in Colorado.
Thanks found the crankshaft you guys helped a lot many thanks soccerbrace and k1kw1t1m you males are my heroes

I just realized the those links sent you come nothing but the forum. Sorry Denis! I had actually 2 particular threads that were specifically what friend needed.
There"s just a select couple of members that don"t have a trouble cutting up their X... And I think there every in Colorado.
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Best means to replace crank place sensor
I have actually searched with this forum and a the majority of you have replaced this sensor, my inquiry is what is the best method to get at the sensor to remove and also replace it? I can nsee where it is from underneath the truck, yet it appears harder to gain at 보다 the number 6 spark plug.Any assist would it is in appreciated,Matt
I still have the intermittant misfire problem, and also since the sensor is the initial to the van , ns figured what might it pains to change it because I currently bought a new sensor.
i cant view any feasible reason to readjust that sensor,also its not plug and play friendly over there is a great chance you will certainly be towing it to a dealer to end up .
I appreciate the info, however I would certainly still choose to recognize the best way to get at the sensor to change it. Thanks.
So, have the right to anyone aid with the best method to change this sensor? at this allude I have actually nothing to shed by placing in the brand-new one. Deserve to anyone assist on this?
Well together an update, ns was not certain where to write-up this reply, one of two people in the first thread ns started concerning my code 0300 many misfire or proceed in this one. I will leave that as much as the moderator to leave them or incorporate them. I did control to acquire to the crank pos sensorand replace it, however found it was unplugged the entirety time. Now whether or no someone did this by mistake or on function I don"t know. When I plugged it in and also got the truck to run again, the ran worse 보다 before and also immediately threw codes because that the hit sensor and also the crank sensor, but no more 0300 misfire. For this reason after some investigating the harness, it seemed that the 2 sensors space connnected together, v some ground shielding. So i ordered a Brand new harness from a Nissan dealer, and also will be installation it this weekend, hopefully this will cure the problem. Ns will article later following week.

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