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i had actually the exact same probelm. It was on for some time. At an initial they said the wait sensor in the intake. Climate the 2 oxgen senors. Then one day. I had actually to obtain ahead that a few ppl to make a light.. (drove the HARD) and also the light went off. It to be off because that a while. Then comes back on.. It is retarted, however I pass Echeck and I still get great mileage. Ns ain"t worried. Also, if you obtain a cool man at Autozone, ask that to shot clearing the code. It might be something that they deserve to erase, and also the computer reset itself and also maybe be a glitch.. Simply an idea
Mine throws a password every when in a while because that my waiting sensor at the intake as result of my aftermarket intake. It functions itself slightly loose from the grommet sometimes. I just plug it ago up and also reset the computer and also I am good to walk again for a while. One of these days when I feel choose it ns will change that grommet. Till then i will simply reset the every few months.
Sweet deal. Ns am surprised I gained so many valuable replies. is SWEET!! thanks ya"ll ns think I"m gonna operation down there tomorrow and also have them take a look. Thanks again.
I checked out autozone today and they ran the number and also it claimed air injection problem. The dude stated it was prolly wither the temp sensor or the massive air flow sensor. I"d hate to to buy both any kind of tell tale authorize on which that is? any means to find out? and also where is the MAF sensor? I generally see it at the finish of the intake yet all I have actually is a sensor plugged in over there which I believe is the temp sensor.
p0410 . He told me to compose that down and also then put it in the computer system under the problem shooting thing.
some trucks have a air injection system and it is know to cause from time come time i have read I would look at the waiting injection pump and see if over there is water in it.. Over there shouldn"t it is in again this is simply things i have learned around hanging approximately all kinds of forumsJay
Where is the on the motor? friend think it it is in a good idea come buy the temp sensor because that $25, try that and also then the mass air flow sensor($$$?). Go about through possible eliminations.
no thats the air injection mechanism You will never find that problem. Reset it and also hope it doesnt come back.
Any way to reset the myself? and will it **** my van up? I"d hate to need to blow bunch the money later down the road reason the motor blew.

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