What would make a "check engine" irradiate come on then, after several miles, walk off.The vehicle seems to run fine.No shaking.No stuttering. No disadvantage effects.

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There room 1,587,254 factors a CEL would come on. I"m simply kidding with that number, my suggest being there space so really many reasons. If you have actually had constant maintenance done, together recommend through Dodge, and also no performance issues, and it goes off everytime ns wouldn"t worry around it.

before sleeping remove one cable turn off the battry, and put it earlier the following dayhope your engine light wont go on again!

DavidH25:Thanx. The is precisely what my mechanic said. He said that your number is off however. It is actually 1,587,255 reasons.

KGD law what girlfriend propose will clear the irradiate yes. Yet if the trouble reoccurs climate the light will come back on. I would say acquire the dtc"s checked and also see what is causing the light. Yet as david said if it not leading to running problems it have to not it is in a huge deal.

MOST of the time if it"s not causeing running problems it"s just something really simple ... Also your gas cap no being on tight enough can reason that irradiate to come on. Among the most typical reasons because that a inspect engine irradiate to come on and also then walk out later (especially after filling the gas tank) and also the go out again is if there is an EVAP leak. It"s not really a huge deal and also it won"t perform anything to your car if you run it and also don"t gain it fixed. Which can expense up come 500.00.. Yet the difficulty with not gaining it fixed is... Girlfriend won"t understand if something rather is walking on. Kbro is right.. The finest thing to execute is take it it somewhere and also get a scanning tool hooked approximately it and see exactly what"s wrong.

CEL keeps turning on for 15 miles and also then shuts off. Truck is brand brand-new 2014 at 500 miles. Frustrating component is that the dealership states they can"t perform anything unless I lug it right into them with it on, but it turns off every time I get near their shop. One would certainly think castle would placed a background log top top these computer systems for this type of situation.

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My evade 2011 i heats approximately 3/4 hot and also then dropps come normal and also ckeck engine light comes on and stays on

2011 dodge 2011 Heats as much as 3/4 then dropps come normal and check engine light remains on all fluid are well ?

We have a 2015 Dodge ram 1500 with 16k miles, just purchased- and also the dang inspect engine irradiate is on. We have actually checked the gas cap, then it went off, now it is on again. Thoughts?

We have actually 2013 lamb 1500. Due to the fact that Feb or 2015 (after a computer system update) the engine light has been walking on and off. After having it reset in ~ the dealership through no reason for it gift on (still under vouch at the time) that came earlier on a mainly later. I"ve shed track the how plenty of times we had actually it back in. Sometimes it will continue to be off for 2 days, occasionally 3 come 4 weeks. Occasionally they find a reason favor a low battery in the key. The time is as soon as it came earlier on 2 work later. An additional time it was claimed to be something to do with the fuel filter, earlier on about 2 weeks later. The various other times the reading was a "stored code", which no one can say what that supposed or why the was mirroring up. Just today we were said Chrysler knows over there is a problem, but don"t have a solution. If lock get sufficient incidents reported they could do a recall. For this reason if friend are having a problem under warranty, get it come the dealership so they understand how broad spread this is.