her lucky day eliminate rear seat then access cover remove fuel module. Below is a overview to help you action by step with diagrams below to show you how on your car.

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https://www.lennythewonderdog.net/articles/how-to-replace-an-electric-fuel-pumpCheck out the diagrams (Below). Please let us understand if you require anything else to get the trouble fixed.


have the right to anyone phone call me exactly where the fuel pump modular connector is in a 1998 evade Stratus 2.5L V6? I have actually looked where the Haynes hands-on says it is located, in the stems left side. I have located a connector yet it is no the fuel pump modular connector (at least I think it's not). I sure might use a photo (preferably in color) that the ar or possibly a photo of the fuel pump modular connector itself. Thanks

Also, space the fuses in the PCM claimed to have a voltage reading whether the ignition is in the ~ above or off position?
probably I can assist you. What space you make the efforts to carry out or what is the symptom / problem? ns never necessary to uncover a connector so I could have a better approach to what you"re up to.
how long room you expecting to hear it? The pump need to only operation for one second, then again during engine cranking. If girlfriend don"t hear the or can"t hear it over the chime, you can bypass the fuel pump relay to make it run all the time so you have the right to troubleshoot the circuit if necessary.
Hey catfish, the pump is within the gastank unfortunately, some vehicles have the right to gain access to it through the ago seat, but I dont think her does, yet I might be wrong.
use the sad illustration on the right. Your fuel pump relay is the third little one native the end furthest far from the four huge relays. I"m do a drawing right now to display the layout of the fuse box if you require it.Use a piece of cable or a stretched-out paper clip to jump the two terminals shown with the arrows. The ignition switch doesn"t need to be on.
Ok. Now everything seems to be checking out the fuel pump is comes on and also the vehicle will start as soon as I spray starting fluid in the accelerator the vehicle will start yet will not proceed to idle. I"m obtaining spark but it appears to be weak. Any type of ideas?
i guess I"m confused. Is the pump running due to the fact that you jumped the relay or is it to run on its very own like normal? If it"s running, you shouldn"t need starting fluid uneven the injectors aren"t being fired. What I would do next is check for diagnostic error codes to check out if you"re absent the signal native the camshaft or crankshaft place sensors. Bicycle the ignition switch three times from "off" to "run" without cranking the engine, climate watch the code numbers show up in the odometer display.
my fuel pump is out ns believe.I have actually heard that part dodge"s friend can get to it from the back seat but not sure if you have the right to on a 1995. So ns was just wondering if the is located in the really tank and how tough is that to readjust it? say thanks to you for any type of help.
REMOVAL remove fuel filler cap and also perform Fuel system Pressure release procedure. See: Fuel press Release Service and Repair Disconnect an unfavorable cable from auxiliary jumper terminal. Remove fuel tank. Describe Fuel Tank/Service and Repair. Disconnect fuel filter lines from fuel pump module. Clean optimal of tank come remove loose dirt and also debris. Making use of Special tool #6856 Fuel Pump Module Ring Spanner, eliminate locknut to release pump module Fig. 10.WARNING: The fuel reservoir or the fuel pump module does no empty out as soon as the tank is drained. The fuel in the reservoir may spill out as soon as the module is removed.Sorry, the tank should be removed.Roy
Ok, for this reason we acquired the tank dropped and also took the old fuel pump out and also the fuel pump is good. It simply for some reason is not kicking on once you turn the ignition. We likewise checked the hook increase plug wherein the fuel pump connects under the seats and that is additionally getting juice. We checked it v a (not sure what the is called) voltage meter or whatever and also it is active at that connection. And we additionally hooked the fuel pump up to this exact same contraption and the motor turns on. It just does not revolve on for some reason when we hook it up to the car. Any type of suggestions ~ above why that is no kicking on? We likewise tried the fuel relay switch to make sure it was good, and also it is. For some factor the pump just has actually stopped kicking on when we shot to begin the car.
Just since it turns does not mean it produces the required pressure to begin the car. What is the pressure? Also, if I check out this right, you space saying when you hook it up to the car harness, the does not work. The pump will prime for 2 seconds as soon as the crucial is rotate on, it will certainly turn earlier on once there is a signal the the motor is transforming or running. You have to verify this as well. Was there any power to the pump native the automobile harness?Roy
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Tested The Fuel Pump Wires with The irradiate Tester and also The Light not Coming on Not gaining Power to The Fuel Pump
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