The water pump on your auto is one of those materials that serve a vital role in her car. If the pump fails, you’re not going anywhere. SAAB 9-3 water pump uncovered in GM-era cars, largely those running the GM Ecotec B207, is a chain-driven unit, and one that has a restricted lifespan.

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If yours fails and you head end to your regional dealership, there’s a decent chance that you’ll be quoted end $1,000 for the repair. We’re around to provide you with a cheaper, alternative method of solving this concern in your very own garage.


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SAAB 9-3 Water Pump replacement – Why and When?

Water pumps space maintenance item on just around any vehicle. It’s a mechanically unit that will certainly wear the end over time. As much as SAAB 9-3 water pump replacement intervals go, you’re looking at 60,000 miles because that the B207 engine. It’s highly recommended the you rod to this prescribed maintenance intervals together B207’s water pump isn’t recognized for being as well durable.

Speaking the which, you might find yourself with a faulty water pump long before the 60,000 miles interval is up. Depending upon the type and severity the the problem you’re dealing with, you’ll notification different symptoms.

Lack of Coolant Pressure

If the pump is faulty, the rapidly moving water should heat the hoses and pipes it overcome through, but the circulation need to keep those hoses relatively stable. Too much warmth can result in materials that are bent, melted, fused, broken, and also structurally compromised. A intuitive inspection the the hot and cold sides of the cooling device should assist you spot at least some of this issues.


Coolant leaks are among the most typical signs the a water pump is compromised. In most cases, the leaks aren’t aggressive enough for girlfriend to an alert them together you drive. Instead, many of these are spotted when the auto has to be sitting parked overnight. You’ll commonly see a puddle on the ground the is one of two people green, red, or yelow depending on the type of coolant your vehicle takes.

Slow Leak

A slow-moving leak is a bit different compared to what we’ve simply discussed. It’s a leak the is slow and also hard come spot. Even so, it leads to a gunk build-up around the pump, which will certainly ultimately reason it come fail.

Look for traces the coolant running under the pump or for gelled coolant store on the exterior. Also, rust can construct up roughly the pump and if friend look very closely you deserve to see pitting (corrosion that creates small holes in the metal) or cavitation (cavities in the liquid) on the mounting surface. All this indicates a slow leak. While these symptoms won’t result in an immediate failure, they will develop a low coolant condition.

Dramatic Leak

As countless SAAB owners have come to find out over the years, GM pumps can likewise go the end in a blaze the glory, or coolant, whichever you prefer. It’s not unusual for the pump to simply dump coolant on the ground, for this reason leaving friend stranded ~ above the side of the road. This doesn’t happen often, however it can occur with pumps the are previous their service interval or those that have other issues.


Engine overheating is arguably the most noticeable sign that something is up through your engine’s cooling system. A faulty water pump will either protect against pushing sufficient coolant v the engine, or that won’t push sufficient of the to store the engine temperature wherein it demands to be.

If you notification your engine temperature rising, rotate on the warmth to the maximum and also pull end as shortly as you probably can. Girlfriend don’t desire your vehicle to overheat together that indicates at least a warped head in countless cases.

Genuine SAAB, OEM or Aftermarket?


At, we constantly recommend the you use actual or OEM quality parts once fixing her car. The being said, when it involves SAAB 9-3 water pumps, us can also recommend numerous Aftermarket and OEM options. This Febi unit seen above is just one of the choices you can choose. Pierburg also makes a great replacement unit the comes through the sprocket and cover, just like the real one. We also carry a finish water pump kit the comes with coolant, the thermostat assembly and a GMB water pump.

The Febi aftermarket and Genuine SAAB don’t look at the same. You’ll an alert The real SAAB water pump has actually a couple of extras, the water pump housing cover, and also the sprocket. Because that the walk-through we’re act today, the sprocket will have to be removed prior to installation if you decided to walk the actual SAAB route. We will gain to why a small bit later.


The pumps room slightly different, but any visible distinctions are negligible. The mating surfaces ~ above the Febi pump don’t look as nice as the actual SAAB, yet that makes small difference due to the fact that the rubber O-ring is what provides the actual seal.

The real estate cover top top the actual pump is nice, as it is pre-torqued and ready to role from the factory. Once doing the task with the aftermarket pump, girlfriend will need to reuse your old water pump cover, i m sorry in every regards will certainly be completely fine. If it were usual for the behind cover to be worn the end upon replacement of the water pump, it would be consisted of from Febi.

How to carry out SAAB 9-3 Water Pump instead of at Home?

The fact that GM has gone through a chain-driven water pump design complicates points as much as replacement goes. In fact, to properly execute this in ~ home, you’ll require a special device designed specifically to do this task easier. Usually, once you head over to the dealer, they will have to take the chain sheathe off, and also get the pump turn off the chain in stimulate to change it.

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That greatly increases the cost of the whole job. Our means is easier and also cheaper, however there’s a caveat — periodically replacing the pump the hard means (i.e acquisition the time chain covering off) can help you spot problems with your timing chain or timing chain tensioners. Use your own judgment.