Once the head the the rivet is drilled off, you will certainly likely end up through the rest of the rivet sticking out the floor. Just take a punch and knock lock out,


The is a 10mm head nut in each corner of the panel under all the sealant. For this reason the very first job is to chip it away by whatever means possible. I offered a hammer and chisel.

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Grab your brand-new hose and slide it onto the connector ~ above the tank first. Be cautious when pushing it on as the elbows on the tank space plastic. If you rest them off, you"re gonna have a poor day! The dimension of hose you need for the outlet is 8mm i would (inside diameter) prior to sliding that onto the tank, be certain to put your new clamp on first!

tighten the clamp up yet be careful. You want it to be tight, yet bear in psychic the elbow is plastic and also could quickly break. As soon as that"s done, head underneath, reduced your hose to size, put another clamp on and also tighten up. This end is going ~ above a steel pipe, for this reason tighten it up good.

to reassemble, just re usage the 4 10mm nuts come secure access panel above tank into place, then use new rivets to secure the carpet into place.

to reassemble, simply re usage the 4 10mm nuts come secure access panel over tank into place, then use brand-new rivets to secure the carpet right into place.

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part 2. Noticed too at new splices made far from the tank space crimped manufacturing facility fittings, exactly how are these ideal taken apart, cut somehow, pipe cutter?. Top top the back in the driveway, accessibility is quite limited?.


part 3. I supplied a zip key on a mini grinder to reduced a 3 sided hole to gain accessibility where the accessibility panel ‘should have been’. Use excessive caution together I actually, making use of very little slices and also what I assumed was surgical precision, regulated to cut into the tank in 3 spots, (not through) in ~ the cut nearest the tail gate, tank is less than 1/8” under that portion as that is created that way, indicate leaving that part as her ‘hinge’. If this fixes the problem, remains unclear…..in progress. The ‘quick connect’ at the much ends, have to be a term provided by assembly personnel, they space anything but. Pilgrimage to the Auto parts for hoses, 5/16 and also 3/8”.



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