have actually a 2004 Chrysler Sebring the I have replaced the engine on the passenger side front due to the fact that the window will go down but wouldn"t go back up but am still having actually the exact same problem window will go down yet wont go back up?

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There's three different versions the Sebring, and also they use different circuitry. If you'd perform the engine size, the might aid me number out which model you have.For the most usual systems, the problem you defined can be brought about by one of two people switch, the passenger's or the driver's master switch, regardless if one is working correctly. That's because current because that the motor passes with a pair of contact in the released switch, one contact in the pressed switch, and a second inactivated contact in the pressed switch. That's just how they turning back the motor's direction from one of two people switch. The also means there space eight pairs of switch contacts for one window motor. 4 are in use once both switches room released, and also one the them alters to among the other four when a switch is pressed. Come say the a various way, when you push the passenger's switch, present flows through that pressed switch contact, its released counterpart, and also the 2 released move contacts in the various other switch. Any type of one that those contacts could be arced or pitted and cause the motor to run just one way.Any time the window motor functions one way, the proves the motor and also the 2 wires going to it are okay. As far as the wires between the switches, lock run in between the door hinges, and that's a real usual place to uncover a break. The symptoms will vary depending on which cable is broken. Will your window work in both direction from one of the switches?Another typical problem is a home window goes up, but an extremely slowly or sluggishly, and also you might need to help it by pulling it up. That can be brought about by excessive road tar or pest juice in the rubber glass guides. Spraying those guides through Silicone Spray Lube normally takes care of that.Most window regulators currently use lightweight cables and also a device of pulleys. If the cable i do not care frayed or a wheel cracks, the window will no run together smoothly together it should, and may no go one way. To determine this, you'll usually see or hear at the very least some motion when you press the switch.These diagrams space for the most common home window system.

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If necessary, ns can draw in the current path when one switch is pressed.