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just wonder why its negative to change the tranny fluid in a high milage tranny?my truck simply rolled ~ above 98k miles and dont know the last time it had actually a tranny mech wont touch it cause he says periodically after a adjust trannys go down hill from why go this happen, if that does happen?
98" Dakota R/T RC flame RED40 collection Flowmaster, k & n intake, shaved/polished TB.05" Hyundai Elantra 5spd TIDAL wave BLUE.drop in cone filter. 400 + mile on a full tank

Yeah world say that, but i have 113k on my durango now, just readjusted the fluid and filter and its shifts way much better than before. Its much more of a urban legend ns think. Plus castle probably adjust the fluid, then go out and also beat the living shit the end of the truck. Then when it division the whine favor it was constructed shitty. GAY. :jester: i say change it yourself. I dont let mechanics near my truck anyways, just reason ive heard every the horrific stories about people having fluid adjusted and shop forgot to add any fluid, or no tighten oil filter and also slowely leaked the end till blown up.Oh and also another an excellent investment is a tranny cooler. Really helps cool trans liquid down about 30 degrees or more. Ive always had lock on my various other trucks. They assist when towing, and also prolong the tranny life by method longer.
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98" Dakota R/T RC fire RED40 collection Flowmaster, k&n intake, shaved/polished TB.05" Hyundai Elantra 5spd TIDAL tide BLUE.drop in cone filter. 400 + miles on a complete tank
It"s not hard, nearly like act oil adjust but more messy. You"ll require a talk wrench come put earlier the fluid pan, gasket scraper (or something similar) and also something to catch the fluid with.

jubeRT,May i offer; have actually a infection shop execute the change. It will involve instead of the filter, checking the band adjustment and also cleaning any type of gunk.Scroll down to the Amsoil site. Obtain Amsoil ATF (14 come 18 quarts) from Steve and also have the installed. Tell the shop to operation it with until the torque converter fluid is changed.Amsoil ATF will easily go three times the manufacturing facility recommended change.You could ask (or check the Amsoil site) Steve for the oil analysis information.Using oil analysis, to know the mechanically condition and also Amsoil ATF, over there is no reason you can"t achieve really high mileage.I"ve always used Amsoil ATF and oil in mine Dakota 3.9 automatic and have unable to do 534,000 miles, replacing only the solenoids.
I use and also talk around but don"t sell AmsoilWho is shatto? 98 Dakota retirement July 2008. 623,000 mile on original engine and transmission, using Amsoil.+Everybody knows something you don"t know.+Artists prove truth can be in develops you don"t understand.Low-Risk option Trader. Retired Pro-Hunter featured in; "African Hunter", through James R. Mellon III. And detailed in; Rowland Ward"s documents of large Game.

I use and talk around but don"t market AmsoilWho is shatto? 98 Dakota retired July 2008. 623,000 miles on original engine and transmission, making use of Amsoil.+Everybody knows something you don"t know.+Artists prove truth can be in forms you don"t understand.Low-Risk option Trader. Retirement Pro-Hunter featured in; "African Hunter", by James R. Mellon III. And provided in; Rowland Ward"s records of big Game.
The reason so many shops try to stop high purpose of use transmissions is simple. All our automatics are just a series of clutches and steel plates. End time, the clutches wear under leaving remnants of the clutch product in the fluid. If the infection hasn"t been regularly maintained, the clutches can be worn fully down wherein all the clutch product is rely in the fluid. If this is the instance a transmission business will do the washing up all the friction product from the tranny, resulting in it to begin slipping.

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THe key reason the a tranny may go bad after flushing an old infection is that once you have a plugged filter there isnt as much pressure going through out the system. After friend get new fluid and also filter in the press is much greater. The old fluid that remained in there no clean the infectious diseases world fashion out prefer it should have actually and also the additive to assist keep the seals from gaining worn out and cracked we"re gone resulting in the seals to end up being brittle. Now when you placed the brand-new fluid in and the new filter in the push throughout the trans is better causing the seals come cut. Likewise the brand-new fluid will certainly clean out the tranny and also send the particles throughout the tranny and causing issues down the line. Thats why its finest to keep fresh fluids in the tranny and do flushes regularly. THis is pretty lot the very same thing the happens to powersteering pumps and also should be readjusted regularly too which nobody does...