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I keep getting "Service tire Monitor System" every time I begin the car. I"d choose to shot to deal with this myself if possible.Any Ideas?Thanks2006 LT 3.9


Honestly ns wouldnt even bother... Ns have had actually my TPMSensors replaced multiple times by the dealer... They are merely terrible. After around 5 months they begin failing again. I have come to just overlook it. Its something I decided I might live without. I guarentee if you spend the money to buy a brand-new sensor it will certainly just finish up going negative again a couple of months down the road.

I guarentee if you invest the money come buy a brand-new sensor it will just end up going bad again a couple of months down the road.

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When the dealer did the reflash thing my senser would job-related for a while, yet would crap out periodically. But, the one lock replaced has been working great for about 6 months -we"ll have to see if it keeps working.:yikes:
When the dealer did the reflash thing my senser would work-related for a while, however would crap out periodically. But, the one castle replaced has been working good for about 6 month -we"ll have to see if that keeps working.:yikes:
Maybe the dealer simply "re-flashed" mine as a fast fix... It seems that whenever ns am driving, every one of a sudden i will obtain the service TPMS warning due to the fact that one or 2 tires will not be choose up a reading. Usually the light goes far after I rotate off the car and re-start. These tiny sensors room awfully expensive because that very small value added!
I recently mounted custom wheels and the warning light come on. Is there a method to disable the orange light? It"s annoying but I guess I have to live through it if i don"t want to pay alot to have the sensors put in my new wheels. Every tire registers the same and also I inspect them weekly. This is together an stroked nerves feature and apparently if friend install custom wheels climate it litter the system. I"ve never owned a car with this and I dislike it already..
ther is a company bulletin on this matter. The dealer needs to reflash the computer system to do it less sensitive
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