If you prefer to round 21 come the nearest integer, in order to eliminating every decimal places, climate you have pertained to the right post.

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In this article you can discover the result presented together text, image as well as in the output field of our round off calculator.

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tenths (1 decimal) hundredths (2 decimals) Thousandths (3 decimals) Ten Thousandths (4 decimala) hundred Thousandths (5 decimals) Millionths (6 decimals) Ten Millionths (7 decimals) hundreds Millionths (8 decimals) Billionths (9 decimals)
This rounding Calculator is yes, really Cool! Click come TweetThis calculator rounds 21 come the nearest whole number applying all the round off rules disputed in our write-up Round come the Nearest Integer; in case you explicitly want to round under or up you can do therefore by make your selection in the setting drop-down menu.As one aside, are you maybe interested in taking our round off quiz?
Next, we comment on the round off method.

21 Rounded come the Nearest Integer

To round 21 come the nearest integer examine the an initial digit’s worth of 21, which is 0 and also less than 5. Thus, we need to round down: the essence ones location value the 21, 21, remains 21, and the decimal allude and all digits (.0) space truncated.

21 rounded to the nearest integer = 21The following table contains beginning numbers close to 21 rounded to the nearest counting number.
NumberRounded come Nearest Integer

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