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Replacing the lower manifold gasket, plenum gasket, and plenum on mine 98 Olds Intrigue.Does anyone recognize the torque and sequence for the bolts on the lower manifold and also for the upper intake manifold (plenum)? Also, walk the throttlebody require torqued or simply tightened??Also, there are two base by the lower manifold (small one ~ above front and also one large on rear of the engine) that bolt ~ above in in between several that the bolts for the lower manifold. Ns think the rear one helps support the fuel rail. (Can"t remember without looking at it)Do those require torqued to details specifications and also if so, go anybody recognize what they are??

Make certain you look in ~ it an extremely closely. If i remember effectively it is noted in inch lbs not FOOT lbs. It"s a very light setting and it"s very easy to damage the new gasket and also or crack the manifold.

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