The teacher asked Michael and David to ring the number 572 to the nearest ten. Michael said, “The answer is 570.” David said, “The answer is 580.” who is correct?

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The teacher request Michael and David to round the number 572 to the nearest 10. Michael said, “The answer is 570.” David said, “The prize is 580.” that is correct?

those happening in this concern is the type of thing that might happen in her maths lessons. A teacher has actually asked a question, yet we’re acquiring two different answers native two different people. That is correct? now the task that both Michael and David have actually tried to execute in this concern is to around the number 572 come the nearest 10. And we’re given two feasible answers. One of two people Michael’s right once he said the prize is 570 or David’s right when he said 580. One way we can find the answer is to look in ~ the place value that the number the we’re rounding. Now we know that the number 572 is comprised of five hundreds, 7 tens, and also two ones.

currently the very first thing we can do v the number of this number is look at that 10s digit. This offers us one idea of the two multiples of 10 the this number lives in between. We can take this digit together it is but adjust the ones digit for a zero. This offers us the many of 10 that is less than our number, 570. And also then us can include one come this digit to make it eight tens. And also this would provide us the many of 10 that’s bigger than ours number, 580. Our number is in between 570 and 580. And you have the right to see the this is where Michael and also David have actually both gained their answer from. Michael has thought to himself, I need to round this number down. And also David has rounded the number up. And also to find out who’s correct, we must look at one more of the number in our number.

This is the ones digit. Currently there’s a dominion for ones digits and also rounding come the nearest 10. Do you psychic what it is? If the ones digit is four or less — so that’s four, three, two, or one — us round down. And also if the number ends in a 5 or much more — so that’s five, six, seven, eight, or ripe — us round up. Now that we’ve psychic this rule, we can use it to this number. The variety of ones in 572 is two. And also this is absolutely four or less, no it? therefore we need to round down. 572 rounded come the nearest 10 need to be 570. We’ve used place value and also our expertise of rounding to round 572 to the nearest 10. The answer is 570.

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So the person who is correct is Michael.

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