In this post you will uncover a description of and relays Mercury, through photos of block diagrams and their locations. Highlighted the tobacco lighter fuse (as the most renowned thing human being look for). obtain tips on swollen, instead of a fuse, and also more.

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Passenger compartment fuse panel


The fuse panel is located below and to the left the the steering wheel by the brake pedal. Eliminate the panel cover to accessibility the

Fuse/relayAmpere rating Description
115Cluster, Lighting regulate Module (Interior Lighting)
210Ignition (ON) – electronic Automatic Temperature regulate (EATC) module, A/C mode switch (vehicles fitted with manual A/C only), A/C blower relay coil
310EATC module
410Ignition (ON) – Anti-lock Brake system (ABS) module, rear Air Suspension Module (RASM), Variable help Power Steering (VAPS)
510Speed control deactivation switch, stop signal
610Ignition (ON) – Cluster
715LCM (Park lamps, corner lamps)
910LCM (Switch illumination)
105Ignition (START) – Audio mute
1110Ignition (ON/ACC) – home window relay coil
1210Ignition (START) – Starter relay coil, DTRS
1310Ignition (ON/ACC) – Wiper module
1410Ignition (ON) – BTSI (Floor-shift transmission)
157,5Ignition (ON/ACC) – LCM, Door lock move illumination, cook seat switch illumination, Moonroof, Overhead console, Electrochromatic mirror
1615Ignition (ON) – rotate signals
1710Ignition (ON/ACC) – Audio
1810Ignition (ON) – A/C setting switch (vehicles fitted with hand-operated A/C), mix door, Heated seat modules
1910LCM (Left-hand low beam)
2010Ignition (ON/START) – Back-up lamps
2110LCM (Right-hand short beam)
2210Ignition (ON/START) – Restraint regulate Module (RCM), Occupant category Sensor (OCS), Passenger waiting bag Deactivation Indicator (PADI)
2315Multi-function switch (Flash-to-pass), LCM (High beams)
2410Ignition (ON/START) – Passive Anti-Theft device (PATS) module, Powertrain manage Module (PCM) relay coil, Fuel relay coil, Ignition coil relay coil
2510Autolamp/Sunload sensor, power mirrors, Door lock switches, mirror switch, Keypad switch, Decklid switch, flexible pedal switch, DDM
2610Ignition (ON/START) – Cluster, LCM, Overdrive cancel switch, behind defroster relay coil
2720Cigar lighter, OBD II
287,5Center High-Mounted stop Lamp (CHMSL)
3015Stop lamps, MFS
3210Mirror heaters, rear defroster move indicator
33Not used
Relay 1Full ISO relayRear defroster


Power distribution box


The power distribution box is situated in the engine compartment.

Fuse/relayAmpere rating Description
125*Ignition switch (Key in, operation 1, operation 2), Hazards
225*Ignition move (RUN/START, RUN/ACC, START)
310*Powertrain manage Module (PCM) save alive power
420*Fuel relay feed
510*Rear wait Suspension Module (RASM), VAPS
615*Alternator regulator
730*PCM relay feed
820*Driver’s Door Module (DDM)
915*Ignition coil relay feed
1020*Horn relay feed
1115*A/C clutch relay feed
1320*Instrument panel power point
1420*Stop lamp switch
1520*Heated seats
17Not used
18Not used
2015*PCM, fixed Air circulation (MAF) sensor, IAT
2115*Powertrain loads and also sensors, A/C clutch relay coil
22Not used
23Not used
24Not used
10140**Blower relay feed
10250**Cooling fan
10350**Instrument panel (I/P) fuse crate feed #1 (I/P 19, 21, 23, 25 and also 27)
10440**Instrument panel (I/P) fuse box feed #2 (I/P 1, 3, 5, 7, 8 and 9)
10530**Starter relay feed
10640**Anti-lock Brake mechanism (ABS) module (Pump)
10740**Rear defroster relay feed
10920**ABS module (Valves)
11030**Wiper module
111Not used
11230**Air suspension compressor
113Not used
114Not used
115Not used
116Not used
117Not used
118Not used
2011⁄2 ISO relayA/C clutch
202Not used
2031⁄2 ISO relayIgnition coil
2041⁄2 ISO relayPCM
2051⁄2 ISO relayFog lamps
2061⁄2 ISO relayFuel
207Not used
208Not used
2091⁄2 ISO relayHorn
301Full ISO relayStarter
302Full ISO relayAir compressor
303Full ISO relayBlower
304Full ISO relayPower home windows relay (RUN/ACC)
501DiodeA/C clutch
503DiodeHorn, Door latch
60120A Circuit breakerPower seats, Lumbar
60220A Circuit breakerPower windows relay feed (RUN/ACC)
* Mini fuse ** Cartridge fuse


WARNING: Terminal and also harness assignments because that individual connectors will vary depending on vehicle equipment level, model, and also market.