An archipelago (/ˌɑːrkɪˈpɛləɡoʊ/ ( listen) ARK-ih-PEL-ə-goh), sometimes dubbed an island team or island chain, is a chain, cluster or repertoire of islands, or periodically a sea include a small variety of scattered islands.

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What do you contact a group of tiny islands?

A group of islands is called an archipelago.

What carry out you call a team of islands in English?

Noun. 1. Archipelago – a group of numerous islands in a big body of water.

Which state is a group of islands?

Hawaii (Hawaiian: Hawai’i) became the 50th U.S. State on respectable 21, 1959. Hawaii is a group of volcanic islands in the central Pacific Ocean.

What archipelago are component of joined States?

The U.S. Has five permanently occupied territories: Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin archipelago in the Caribbean Sea, Guam and also the north Mariana archipelago in the phibìc Pacific Ocean, and also American Samoa in the south Pacific Ocean.

Which states have actually islands?

50 states and District of Columbia

StateBody the waterIsland(s)
HawaiiPacific OceanIsland of Hawaii Hawaii is the just state situated completely on islands.
Oahu, Northwestern Hawaiian islands Consolidated city-county
Kauai, Niihau, Kaʻula, Lehua

Which state has the most Island?


Which is the largest island in the USA?

Hawaii Island

Which island is the smallest?


What space the 2 biggest islands in the world?

Islands 100,000 km2 (38,600 sq mi) and greater

RankIslandArea (sq mi)
1Greenland (main island)822,700
2New Guinea303,381
4Madagascar (main island)226,658

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Do twins have higher IQ?

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