We have the answer because that you. According to the proverb, “a new broom sweeps clean,” this speak promotes great changes, a fresh new start. Just as so; us encourage girlfriend to gain a brand-new perspective on the importance of owning a brand-new broom for your family members or business. Out with the old and also in v the new.

Why not think about purchasing a broom native us, to be a great companion for her Spring-cleaning chores? Not only a an easy broom the suits your kitchen or life room floor, don’t you dare be boring! for the ultimate spring clean, it involves the entire house. Up on the roof, down with the chimney; across all floors, up and down the stairs and also deep right into the depths of the basement. You space in need of a new broom the sweeps clean. Specialty areas and details jobs speak to for special, certain brooms.

Choose a brand-new broom to complement the job that will guarantee a project well done. A brand-new broom will spruce up her worn floors. To leaving surfaces sparkling and also shiny, this appears to it is in a worthy investment! now you may be wondering, what is next to know around us? take it a look at our catalogue; friend will watch that we market a selection of brooms in our completely stocked inventory, all at your convenience.

We put together these top quality parts and pieces to finish a broom come be design like a work of art. In our manufacturing facility you will uncover – mountain brushes, respond to dusters, deck brushes, driveway applicators; fender brushes, floor sweeps, specialty floor sweeps, garage brushes, hand scrubs, home brooms, kalsomine brushes; maritime brushes, roof brushes, street brooms and finally, truck to wash brushes – galore!

Over time and also in future blogs; we will certainly post more stories and also written details on each kind of broom or brush. For the moment being though, our main “St. Nick Brush Catalogue” ; will certainly be her guide and you are constantly welcome to give your friends at the company a phone call. We will gladly answer any questions; the you might have and also will happily it is provided you through the perfect broom or brush.

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Now ago to gaining the job done. To perform the cleaning job efficiently, don’t resolve for a cheap, flimsy broom. The St. Nick brooms space of top-notch quality. What separates united state from the rest, or must I say, make us far better than our competitors? First, we have a higher than mean bristle count. You have the right to imagine that a broom with much more bristles will execute the ideal job to sweep clean, right? Our wooden handles are comfortable and also easy to grip. Simply by first hand examining a broom, the is obvious that our Amish craft designs are so well put together.

We have actually it under to a science and also it is really fascinating. We far better be act it best by now. The St. Nick agency has remained in business because 1978. Not just that, but, our dedicated; exorbitant broom makers have been part of the team for an mean of end 25 years. They have actually a strong, difficult work ethic concentrating on precision for their craft indigenous sunrise to practically sunset. The broom block manufacturing procedure goes as this; – we first receive eco-friendly lumber, that is next kiln dry, and is ultimately mille in ours factory.

The reliable hardwood we usage is sustainably harvest, from in your ar grown farms component of the Appalachian Region. We space proud to aid support the local timber industry and also its economy. Fibers space raw materials use to do bristles. There space soft fibers use to assist in sweeping for light jobs, together as uncovered on a home broom. Hard fibers on the other hand are usage to tackle tough jobs; hefty duty concrete floors inside of garages, top top the streets, in factories, and huge commercial buildings, for instance.


For a new broom the sweeps clean, also the the smallest component, the fibers; are so an essential in sweeping away the dirt and also grime. Together for ours brooms, we find exotic yarn to make bristles because that our brooms. These room from different nations from all about the world.

In ours catalogue, friend will discover a web page titled “fiber facts.”; the is worth the read to learn the intricacies; and also fine details ~ above the of types of fibers that we use to produce a new broom the sweeps clean. Ns am sure that you room curious to know what species of fibers we use. Right here is a perform of them: african Bass, Palmyra, Tampico, Nylex (Nylon Fiber), Polypropylene, PVC and Styrene, and Horse Hair. Because we are at it, let us take a closer look right into what makes each fiber for this reason special. Afri Bass, this is an extremely coarse vegetables fiber; i m sorry is do from a palm tree the grows in West Africa. The is a reddish-brown color.

It is durable, water resistant so it have the right to be use on dry or wet concrete surfaces. The lightweight, and the fantastic sweeping action is a favorite among maintenance crews. Palmyra is discovered in India. That is a vegetable fiber, derived from a base of a fanlike leaf on a palm tree. The ideal thing about this fiber is that it is lengthy lasting. Mental that top quality is necessary in having actually a new broom the sweeps clean. The longer lasting, the much better quality resulting in allowing you to conserve money end time. The water resistance that the Palmyra fiber is that it makes an ideal scrub brush.


Tampico is uncovered in northern Mexico, on the tree Agave Lechuguilla. These fibers hold much more liquid than the usual, common fiber. The crystals of calcium oxalate embedded in the surface ar brings a distinct surface roughness; that adds an ext strength and aggression come fighting the soil that need to be swept clean. Nylex, otherwise well-known as Nylon Fiber, is a at sight light, really resilient and durable artificial fiber. As contrasted to other synthetic fibers, this fiber has much far better water hold characteristics.

Moisture move up and tufts easily because of its activity properties given by the distinct X-cross-section form that each other capillaries. Those brooms through polypropylene will certainly outlast brooms the use ordinary fibers, yet it still must avoid really hot solutions. That is a strong synthetic fiber that is lighter in weight than various other plastic materials. It is great for scan stubborn dirt, and also resistant to oil solvents and detergents.

Next, PVC and Styrene space plastic fibers that have excellent water holding capacity. Styrene is lighter in weight 보다 PVC. Both fibers are heavier in weight 보다 Polypropylene. PVC and also Styrene have actually a unique “flicking” action and room both warmth resistant as much as 190 degrees. Finally, there is beautiful, luscious steed Hair, i beg your pardon is the ultimate herbal fiber.


equine Hair to produce a scrape less, fine dry sweeping. That is the perfect sweep for highly polish surfaces and also use to carefully smooth out freshly poured concrete. All of these fibers will develop the finest cleaning results; and it will placed your mental at lull by exerting much less physical stress and also strain on her body. This mirrors us the a brand-new broom (from us) will certainly most definitely sweep clean.

The the strongest fibers room use to develop brushes and brooms that room make to fight the biggest, dirtiest, painstaking labor. We ar so much value in helping make broom buying decisions; because that you through specifying species of jobs that are vital to your residence cleaning or your business wash down.

Sometimes a finish cleaning is no so simple; over there is much much more work in stimulate to attain than simply by analyzing the surface at first glance. Within your family or business, for example, you can need more than simply one or two varieties of brooms. Look into purchasing a roof brush, floor sweep, deck brush, garage broom or brush, a concrete finishing brush; and also even a truck to wash brush to save your vehicles sparkling prefer new. 

After studying these fibers there is no question in that among our brooms or brushes will certainly be a witness that a new broom sweeps clean. The fibers that we use are recognized to not catch and also contain dust, dirt and also extra materials, chemicals and liquids that just “hang out” but instead become clean and like new again.

Our brooms and brushes space so basic to maintain; last much longer than any other brand and will stay in tip-top condition; if they are store properly and also rinse off after use.

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Our professional, well intended and caring team the Amish craftsmen; who have actually grown increase in the world of woodworking are an international leading specialists in this unique trade.

Take lull in knowing that your shortly to be brand-new broom the sweeps clean was make in the best hands and is tenderly, very closely put with each other in our state-of-the-art factory located in Northeastern Ohio.

If girlfriend are ever in town, come sign up with us because that a tour and soak increase the exorbitant hustle; and also bustle setting that is therefore magical. Together you can see, ours St. Nick mascot agrees and is always joyfully sweeping far the chaos to bring around an immaculate floor or surface; to disclose the beauty, beauty of cleanliness because that a fresh environment!

Again, it is in the little details that produce the in its entirety most stylish design, the proportional attractive look. So, the best quality that pieces and also parts i beg your pardon are closely examine; this is what separates united state from the rest of brushes and brooms. The St. Nick agency pridefully offers all our cherished customers brooms and also brushes that prove a new broom sweeps clean. And also ours always do.