Norman Smith to be born v the opened of the urethra top top the upper surface ar of the penis. This is known as ______.

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URETER/O -LITHA ureterolith is a stone located anywhere along the ureter (URETER/O method ureter, and also -LITH means stone).
Roberta Gridley is scheduled for surgical fix of the walls of she urethra. This procedure is a/an ______.
AN- -URIAAnuria is the absence of urine development by the kidneys (AN- method without, and also -URIA means relating to urine).
CYST/O -SCOPYCystoscopy is the intuitive examination the the urinary bladder (CYST/O method bladder, and also -SCOPY method visual examination).
Ablation is a treatment that involves the removed of a body part or the damage of its function.T/F
Acute renal failure has actually sudden onset and is defined by ______. This condition can be caused by plenty of factors, including a sudden drop in blood volume or blood pressure as result of injury orsurgery.
Doris Volk has a chronic bladder problem involving inflammation in ~ the wall surface of the bladder. This is recognized as ______ ______.
False A cystectomy is the surgical removal of all or part of the urinary bladder. View Treatment procedures of the Urinary System
FalseGlomerulonephritis is an inflammation the the kidney involving primarily the glomeruli. See extr Kidney Conditions
Mr. Baldridge ill from excessive urination during the night. The clinical term for this is _______.
John Danielson has actually an enlarged prostate gland. This caused narrowing the the urethra, i m sorry is known as ______.
Rosita LaPinta inherited ______ kidney disease. This cysts gradually reduce the kidney function, and also this at some point leads to kidney failure.

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Henry Wong"s kidneys failed. The is being treated through ______ _______, which involves the removal of waste indigenous his blood through a liquid exchange in the ab cavity.



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