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Alright, So now I walk to drive my truck. The ABS and also Brake light space both on. Ns have liquid and new pads ~ above already. What would certainly make this happend? my brakes occupational fine!?!? is over there a method to clean it?
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my van does the very same crap indigenous time to time also. Brand-new pads and also rotors on mine also. Inspect your wheel rate sensors, from what ns hear on larger threads on below that can cause the lamp to come on. There is one top top the behind diff. It sits on top. Must be 2 in the front on both wheels if her truck is 4 wheel abs. Its just a thought. I replaced my sensor top top the rear because i only have rear wheel abs on mine truck and also the damm point still plot up at times as soon as its genuine cold outside, so i dont know man. Good luck though.

Fluid level?
I know this is a no brainer but......... Check your fluid level in your grasp cylinder. It might be low and also this would additionally cause the brake light and also ABS light to come on. An excellent luck.

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I understand this is a no brainer but......... Examine your liquid level in your master cylinder. It might be low and also this would also cause the brake light and ABS light to come on. An excellent luck.
But he already said he had actually fluid.