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"Heavy" is a song by American post-grunge band collective Soul. The is the 2nd single indigenous their fourth album Dosage. It was the last of the band"s 7 number ones on Billboard"s hot Mainstream absent Tracks, as well as their most successful, remaining atop the chart for fifteen weeks. That was likewise their last track to chart on the Billboard hot 100, peaking in ~ number 73. It to be featured as among two songs in NHL 2001. The track was likewise featured in the NASCAR intro on NBC in 2003. An instrumental version is played in the 2014 golden Corral admore »

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Complicate this world you wrapped for meI"m acquainted through your sufferingAnd all her weightIt drops on meIt brings me downAnd all her weightIt drops on meIt falls on meHold me approximately all whom you"ve deceivedPromises you break you tho believe

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cumulative Soul cumulative Soul is an American rock tape originally formed in Stockbridge, Georgia. Cumulative Soul broke into tendency popularity with their an initial hit single, "Shine", which come from your debut album Hints, Allegations, and Things Left Unsaid. They have recorded 7 Number One mainstream rock hits. Much more »


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