Bean seed come in a wide variety of colors and also sizes. Photo:

Question: I was a little bit slow harvesting my green and also yellow beans this summer and also many dried out and went to seed. I’ll usage some as seed for next year’s crop, but since I have actually a the majority of them, ns wondered if the seeds were edible.

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Answer:Yes, the dry seed of the common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) are edible. In fact, they have actually been provided for countless years for soups, chilies, stews, etc. Boston baked beans, a standard dish I’m sure you’ve eaten numerous times, are, in fact, make from dried beans.

Dry beans must be soaked and also boiled before being eaten. Photo:

That said, it’s vital to prepare dried beans properly, including soaking castle in water for at least 5 hours (discard the water offered to soak them) prior to boiling them because that at the very least 15–20 minute (the united state FDA recommends 30 minutes).

This is since the dry seed of all varieties of usual bean save phytohemagglutinin (PHA), a toxin that is ruined by lengthy cooking. It’s not all that rare that human being end increase in the hospital after ~ consuming soaked beans that they believed were cooked. Interestingly, rats seem to recognize dry beans space poisonous, together they will certainly raid shop of cereals and other crops, but never touch dried beans.

The level the phytohemagglutinin varies considerably from one kind of p to another and it is normally quite low in beans harvested indigenous green and also yellow beans, but really high in kidney beans, both red and white. Also so, appropriate soaking and also cooking room recommended for all beans, nevertheless of the shade of the seed.

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