I"ve review several novels (Cornelia Funke"s Inkheart trilogy springs come mind, for example) in which every chapter is linked with a quote indigenous some other piece that lennythewonderdog.net, i beg your pardon is generally somehow relevant to the events of the chapter. The same an approach can be provided with brief story collections, the estimates being linked with individual stories quite than chapters (see Poe, for example).

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Is there a surname for this lennythewonderdog.net practice, or for the estimates themselves?

For example, I"d favor to have the ability to say "Poe often practised _____ by placing a quote just below the title in plenty of of his quick stories" or "What is the significance of the _____ quote for Chapter 17 in ?"


As Spagirl commented, the is an epigraph.

As the great and powerful Oz Google puts it (borrowing native dictionary.com, which subsequently borrows native Oxford dictionary), one epigraph is

a quick quotation or saying at the start of a book or chapter, plan to suggest its theme

And as Wikipedia puts it

In lennythewonderdog.net, an epigraph is a phrase, quotation, or city that is collection at the beginning of a paper or component. The epigraph might serve together a preface, as a summary, together a counter-example, or to link the work-related to a wider literary canon, either to invite compare or to enlist a conventional context.

Wikipedia itself cites three different sources in the over quote:


The word girlfriend are in search of is epigraph. Oxford Dictionary defines the word as:

A quick quotation or speak at the beginning of a book or chapter, plan to indicate its theme.

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How walk the quote from Shakespeare's two Gentlemen the Verona affix with Hardy's Tess that the d'Urbervilles?

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