Packers cornerback Charles Woodson intercepts a pass by Detroit"s Shaun Hill the was intended for Calvin Johnson in the third quarter Oct. 2 in environment-friendly Bay. Woodson returned the sphere 48 yards for a touchdown. Steve Apps/Wisconsin State newspaper

DALLAS — castle share the exact same last name, they room formerteammates and also they have had actually NFL careers that adhered to remarkablysimilar paths.

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Yet, stick Woodson practically doesn"t recognize the person eco-friendly BayPackers cornerback Charles Woodson has come to be these days.

Rod Woodson finished his differentiated 17-year NFL career together acornerback and safety playing two years for the Oakland Raiders in2002 and also "03.

Charles Woodson had currently made the pro Bowl each of his firstfour year after Oakland made him the fourth as whole pick in 1998when stick Woodson joined the Raiders. Having come to be the firstpredominantly protective player to victory the Heisman at Michigan as ajunior in 1997, Charles Woodson cared tiny about the fineraspects of playing the position.

"The one thing I can tell you about ‘Wood" is he"s grown increase alot," said Rod Woodson, who currently works as an analyst because that the NFLNetwork.

"You have the right to hear the maturity in the way he speaks. This is no thesame Charles Woodson the played in Oakland. He"s means more mature.He understands the video game at a greater level now and also he"s play likeit."

It was no unlike the procedure Rod Woodson went through himself,coming the end of Purdue as the 10th overall pick in the breeze in 1987and beginning a 10-year career through the Pittsburgh Steelers.

"I went v it," that said. "When I very first came in the league,I wasn"t the hardest worker, I lived off mine talents, ns made somePro Bowls and people talked about me. As soon as I chose to take thegame seriously, to mature and also understand exactly how to watch film (and)take my handmade seriously, I became that much better of a player. Ithink Charles has actually done that."

Charles Woodson has talked honestly and openly about thereservations he had coming to green Bay together a complimentary agent in 2006,when nearly no one else in the league would have him.

The parallels between the two Woodsons — who space not related —continued as soon as Dom Capers to be hired as the Packers" defensivecoordinator before the 2009 season. Capers to be the defensivecoordinator with the Steelers indigenous 1992 to "94. It take it him just ashort time the town hall tapes to establish he had an additional RodWoodson-type talent on his hands.

"I watched five, six, seven tapes," Capers said. "It reminded mewhen I saw Pittsburgh in "92 and watched tape of rod Woodson.Rod had been playing left corner. We moved Rod into nickel, becausehe might blitz and also he was closer to the action. We"ve basicallyused Charles the same means we offered Rod back in the "90s."

If Charles Woodson"s arrival in environment-friendly Bay revitalized hiscareer, climate the pairing through Capers helped revolutionize it.Charles Woodson was called the NFL"s defensive Player the the Year inhis first year through Capers, an compensation Rod Woodson winner in 1993 withCapers in a job that consisted of being called to the pro Bowl 11times, a record for defensive backs.

While the is no much longer the Packers" optimal coverage corner — TramonWilliams has risen to that spot — Charles Woodson was called to thePro bowl for the saturday time this season, consisting of three straightwith the Packers. He proceeds to affect games in a selection of waysin his 13th year in the NFL and also will be among the crucial figures inSuper bowl XLV against the Steelers on Sunday.

Although they play various positions, Capers supplies CharlesWoodson in the same creative ways Steelers protective coordinatorDick LeBeau provides safety trojan Polamalu.

"They"re both exceptional athletes," Capers said. "They"re verysmart, they"ve really instinctive. Guys that have those qualities,play in different ways than a the majority of (other) guys.

"You watch Polamalu in ~ the line of scrimmage, once he"s (really)dropping back in coverage. You watch him ago there (deep) once he"sblitzing. They have a feel for the game, to disguise and movearound.

"I think (LeBeau) supplies Polamalu in a many of various ways.Charles plays corner for us, that plays nickel, the plays dime, heplays safety, he blitzes, that covers. A lot of times, we put him onthe finest interior people. He just provides our defense a many offlexibility."

The Steelers likewise have among the finest blocking large receiversin the NFL in Hines Ward and could heat him increase in the slot to tryto block Woodson.

In what could be a prelude of points to come, Woodson inside wall upat safety against the Chicago bear in the NFC title game, wheneverthe Packers to be in their base 3-4 defense. That was to take it awaytight end Greg Olsen, who captured three passes because that 113 yards in aplayoff game against Seattle the main before. Olsen had actually threecatches because that 30 yards versus the Packers.

Charles Woodson will likely make the move to full time safety atsome allude — just as pole Woodson did later in his career.

"The great thing about Charles, he deserve to move to safety and he"llbe a good safety," rod Woodson said.

One of the biggest differences in the careers of the twoWoodsons is Rod play in three Super Bowls and won one with theBaltimore Ravens. Charles Woodson lost the just Super bowl heplayed in v the Raiders — in addition to Rod Woodson — against TampaBay.

Rod Woodson had something of a nomadic career after leave theSteelers in a contract dispute, playing for three other teams.

Charles Woodson has found contentment in green Bay — gettingmarried and also having two children — and will now shot to success his firstSuper bowl to round out an illustrious career.

"You walk into cases a many not knowing what the situationcan become," he said of exactly how he has grown due to the fact that coming to thePackers. "You walk in there type of blind-folded.

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"It opened my eyes understanding that you need to be a little patientwith a situation because it is most likely the ideal situation you canbe in. That"s what green Bay to be for me. Ns didn"t desire to walk there,but I ended up there. The turned the end to it is in a really great move formyself."


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Packers cornerback Charles Woodson intercepts a pass by Detroit"s Shaun Hill that was intended because that Calvin Johnson in the 3rd quarter Oct. 2 in environment-friendly Bay. Woodson returned the sphere 48 yards because that a touchdown.