The area under a Velocity-Time graph represents Distance. The area covered by the graph is the complete distance travelled.

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Slope if the curve represents acceleration.

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Q3. A coin, feather and brick room dropped all at once in a vacuum. I beg your pardon of the complying with statements is TRUEin this situation?
Q5. An athlete completes one round of a circular monitor of diameter 100 m in 20 s. What will be the displacements after ~ 1 minute and 10 s, respectively ?
Q7. An airplane speeds up down a runway at 6 m/s2 because that 40 s until it lastly lifts turn off the ground. Recognize the street traveled prior to takeoff.
Q1. A body is relocating upwards v an acceleration 'a' and its weight rises by 50%. The acceleration 'a' of the human body is:(where g is the acceleration due to gravity).
Q3. An object of mass 15 kg is movingwith a solitary velocity of6 ms-1. Exactly how much kinetic energy has that object held?
Q4. Which the the following statement(s) is/are true?A: Compressibility: The residential or commercial property of matter as result of which its shape does not adjust after using external force. Solids display this property.B: Fluidity: the is a property of matter to flow quickly and change shape under outside force. This property is showed by both liquid and gas.
Q6. A force of 125 N is acting on one object. The object moves 5 m in the direction the the force. The job-related done by the force will it is in _________.

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Q8. To keep the current in a given electrical circuit, the cell needs to expend ___________ energy stored in it.


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