Kathy Blocksdorf is an steed expert and also writer through over three decades of experience in training and also riding horses. She was elevated caring for horses, rehabilitated rescue horses, mirrors her own horses, and rides lengthy distance." data-inline-tooltip="true">Katherine Blocksdorf

Kathy Blocksdorf is an equine expert and writer v over three years of experience in training and also riding horses. She was elevated caring for horses, rehabilitated rescue horses, mirrors her own horses, and rides lengthy distance.

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Unique attributes of the Shetland Pony

It is said that lb for pound a Shetland pony have the right to pull more weight 보다 the massive Clydesdale. Besides the enormous strength in their little bodies, Shetland ponies additionally are known for their lengthy lifespans, with plenty of living much more than 30 years. And, the course, they are very recognizable for their short stature. Many other small breeds have Shetland ponies in your background, including the miniature horse, National and American present ponies, and also the Falabella miniature horse.

Diet and also Nutrition

It"s far much easier to overfeed a Shetland pony 보다 to underfeed one. Due to the fact that the breed advanced in such harsh conditions and also had to search for nutrition, Shetlands can grow on very little food. Seldom does a Shetland need grains or concentrates, which have the right to lead to obesity. An excellent quality grass hay is right for them.

usual Health and Behavior problems

In general, Shetland ponies nothing have plenty of health issues. Yet their size deserve to make them susceptible to love problems, and laminitis. This is an emergency condition in i m sorry the hoof i do not care inflamed and causes serious pain. There are many causes of laminitis, consisting of overeating grain or grass.

In terms of behavior, Shetland ponies are frequently friendly and also gentle. However they can be a bit headstrong and also uncooperative, especially if they no trained.


Shetland ponies grow really thick, soft winter coats. Often they're the an initial to "coat up" in the fall and the critical to shed their winter coats in the spring. The external hair is coarse, and the undercoat is soft soft. They call for standard steed grooming of continuous washing, brushing, and also combing. And also their hooves ideally need to be checked day-to-day for dirt, debris, and any injuries.

Champion and also Celebrity Shetland Ponies

The Shetland pony"s longevity has actually resulted in several cases of the world"s oldest pony. Because that instance, a pony called Twiglet passed away in 2017at age 50.

These ponies also have had their time top top the silver- screen. In a 1976 Disney movie dubbed "The Littlest equine Thieves," three children plot to steal ponies from a mine after they uncover out the ponies are collection to be eliminated as the mine is mechanized. This goes along with the Shetland"s real-life background in mines.

Is the Shetland Pony appropriate for You?

Even-tempered Shetland ponies are an excellent for owners and also riders of all suffer levels, including families with children, despite they can be stubborn and also require regular training. Since they’re so hardy and fairly independent, they’re typically easy to treatment for. They execute well in cold, rugged climates favor their indigenous Shetland Islands. But owners need to pay attention to their nutrition and also avoid overfeeding, which can lead come laminitis and also obesity, among other health problems.

how to adopt or purchase a Shetland Pony

The median price because that a Shetland pony ranges from approximately $500 come $1,500. The price commonly increases for breeder ponies, particularly when they can trace their purebred lineage.

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There are numerous rescue groups that have Shetland ponies because that adoption. A quality rescue team or breeder have to be transparent with you around the pony’s disposition, wellness status, and history. The facility also should it is in clean and also have suitable housing for the animals. You should have the ability to spend time with a pony before opting to bring it home. Emotion rushed to make a decision could be a red flag the the company isn't acting in the finest interest that the animal.