When we moved to southern Carolina, ns didn’t understand what to expect. Ns knew it to be going to be a heck of a lot different than life in Chicago, that’s for sure. I had actually previously visited household who live in phibìc Carolina and was no super impressed with what ns saw, so i was a little bit skeptical and also worried there may not be lot for us to do.

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However, as soon as we arrived, i was pleasantly surprised in ~ what I found here. I guess i shouldn’t have been so cynical in the an initial place. Ns mean,Fort Jackson is the largest initial entry training facility in the Army, and it’s located in Columbia, the capital city the SC. Therefore it would make feeling this would be a pretty energetic area with lots come do.

So if you discover your computers is going to lead you here, don’t panic! Instead, check out this list!

10 factors To Love being Stationed At ft Jackson

The base Itself

Since Ft. Jackson is just one of the largest lennythewonderdog.net bases in the U.S., it uses a lot. There is a an excellent playground collection in the middle of a very huge open grassy area. The playground has actually two structures that have actually some unique play features I haven’t checked out on various other playgrounds. The base likewise boasts a water park.

Yep! A water park! Now, it’s no huge, however it’s perfect because that those hot, muggy southern Carolina summer days!

The commissaryhas newly been renovated and also is beautiful and easy to navigate. The base likewise frequently hosts concerts. So far we have been privilegedto obtain to watch Gary Sinise and the Lt. Dan Band, and also Billy Currington ~ above base.



The Beach

Columbia is only two hrs away from some of the many beautiful beaches. There room nine beaches alone in Charleston!Or, you have the right to drive one much more hour or so increase or down the coast to some more wonderful beaches in southern Carolina, north Carolina, and Georgia.


Columbia boasts a substantial array of parks and also playgrounds! you can’t walk wrong here. There likewise are plenty of splash pads and also water play areas for kids! one of my favorite is Waterfall Junction. Kids can was standing in a giant waterfall, slide under a watery path, and also there’s a separatesplash pad for the babies and also toddlers.

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Enjoying the water park on ft Jackson!

The Food

The food down here is AMAZING! I typical you can’t go wrong through fried chicken, biscuits and gravy, shrimp and also grits, pulled pork, shrimp boils, cornbread, brisket … mine mouth is watering simply typing this. I had never had actually chicken and waffles before moving here, and also now ns can’t go without it. That is pure heaven! however what’s even an ext awesome is the mac-n-cheese is life. And also I’m not talking about Kraft. I mean homemade, dripping v butter and four types of cheese, mac-n-cheese. Aww, yeah!

The Zoo

I have actually been to many different zoos in numerous different states. Heck, Chicago alone has actually two! But, Riverbanks Zoo is just one of my absolute favorites! Not just does it have a variety of animals, over there is a rise wall, a high ropes course, zip lining, a children’s train, carousel, and playground. Girlfriend can likewise feed giraffes, tropical birds, goats, and also Alpacas. On peak of that, the zoo is brimming with new baby pets quite frequently.