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Ben native Mesa, AzHe"s supposedly head end hills for this girl. He can"t live without her. Therefore what go he average by, "Don"t do me readjust my mind?" If he"s yes, really in love then it doesn"t matter what she claims or does. Jasmine from Anderson,caI love this song, yet at the moment it is bittersweet due to the fact that my boyfriend and also I our not in the finest place ideal now and also I dont know if we will gain pass it so this song made me think a lot about the ar I am at about it.Olivia indigenous Aurora, IlThis song provides me cry. I have actually no proviso why. It amazes me every time i hear it.Torrie native Moghetto, California ((:, CaI love this song. That"s all I need to say. ((((:Nathan Ritz from Paoli, Inthis is the second best song that they have made, after her callTayluur from Binghamton, NyPerfect song. It"s me and also my boyfriend"s. Rhys from yellow Coast, Australiai reap this song i play it to veg the end from realityClarissa from Martinsburg, WvI don"t choose this song lot at all. I"m no a large fan the the tape either. It"s too intense as soon as it serious shouldn"t be. I don"t know. I just don"t like it.Jim from Toledo, Ohthis track is god-awful. It"s the reason top-40 radio is in the crapper. It"s whiny, depressing, and also took no talent whatsoever to write or perform. If that weren"t for angst-ridden adolescents it would certainly occupy the ar it belong - in the annals of terrible and unpopular musicRachel native Austin, TxI love this song!! ns hear the all the moment on the radio and also i sing to that every time. It never gets old. I use it come this male that i like a lot. For this reason this is yes, really my favorite song ideal now!Sarah from Burlington, VtThis song reminds me that a guy who I have actually feelings for. Which is for this reason weird due to the fact that it doesn"t right for united state at all. The chorus does, though.see an ext comments
Jailhouse RockElvis Presley

The name "Schoolhouse Rock," which to be a collection of education cartoons, was a play on "Jailhouse Rock," the title of an Elvis Presley song.

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We"re an American BandGrand Funk

"We"re an American Band" by cool Funk explains real events on their 1972 tour, including an encounter v a legend groupie referred to as "Sweet Connie."

I want You BackThe Jackson 5

Michael Jackson was only 11 years and also 5 months old once the Jackson 5"s "I want You Back" came to be the group"s an initial #1 . The so late King of popular music is the youngest team member ever before to top the hot 100.

Rocket QueenGuns N" Roses

The moans of satisfied in the weapons N" Roses track "Rocket Queen" are authentic.

Ziggy StardustDavid Bowie

David Bowie"s "Ziggy Stardust" was likely based on various musicians in his ambit, consisting of Iggy popular music (zIGGY), and Jimi Hendrix, that played etc left-handed ("He play it left hand").

Peter Gunn ThemeHenry Mancini

"Peter Gunn" was the first TV template to struggle the hot 100.

Martyn Ware of sky 17Songwriter Interviews

Martyn talks about producing Tina Turner, some Heaven 17 hits, and also his job-related with the British electrical Foundation.

exactly how The Beatles crafted Killer ChorusesSong composing

The author of Help! 100 Songwriting, Recording and Career Tips offered By The Beatles, describes how the team crafted their choruses so effectively.

Tony Joe WhiteSongwriter Interviews

The writer that "Rainy Night in Georgia" and also "Polk Salad Annie" defines how he cooks up his Louisiana swamp rock.

Christopher CrossSongwriter Interviews

The male who created Yacht Rock v "Sailing" wrote one of his best hits if on acid.

Laura NyroSongwriting Legends In Their own Words

Laura Nyro talks around her complex, emotionally well-off songwriting and also how she supports women"s culture through she art.

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Elton JohnFact or Fiction

Does he have beef through Gaga? Is he Sean Lennon"s godfather? view if you deserve to tell reality from fiction in the Elton john edition.