Oats, barley, and also corn have been critical part that a horse’s diet due to the fact that the start of time however the majority of horse owners these days are upgrading the horse’s platters v seeds. Flax(linseed), chia, sunflower, and hemp particle have come to be a prominent component of the horse’s weekly diet. 

We all understand the use, dos, and don’ts of flax, chia, and also hemp seeds yet sunflower seeds are a little brand-new to the market. 

And if you room hell-bent ~ above taking component in this race? let’s make whatever clear for you.

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Can horses Eat Sunflower seeds

Yay, for several reasons. Horses can eat sunflower seeds in fact, giving it as a nutritional law is a usual practice. They deserve to be super beneficial for equines if fed the best way. 

Ideal feeding rate

To let the sunflower seed play safe it is generally recommended to keep the quantity within 56 come 1333 grams.

Are Sunflower seeds safe because that horses

You may or might not know yet all sunflower seeds room not the same. To sum it up in a sentence, black color oil sunflower seeds space safe yet classic non-oil ones space not.

Black oil or ceo sunflower seeds room recommended for their high oil content as that aids in digestibility. Besides, nutritional content and also digestibility they are thin and also easy to chew. So they carry out not put an extra burden on the horse’s jaws to devour that in.

Classic sunflower seeds will certainly not execute any good as they room high in omega-6 and also low in omega-3s it would rather upset horse’s fatty mountain consumption. 

What execute black oil sunflower seeds execute for horses?

With gift a snack full of vitamins, minerals, magnesium, and proteins castle are likewise helpful in cultivating skin health. Glowing coat and weight get is an additional plus of feeding the recommended black color oil sunflower seeds.

To clear your doubts, let’s break the biological of Boss(black oil sunflower seeds)

Black oil sunflower seeds are rich in omega-6 fatty acid however it additionally contains an amount of omega-3 together well. This concentration helps in bringing the balance of omega to a reasonable proportion.

The balanced oil percentage(40-50) aids in digestion and also a significant amount the protein and vitamins make it a fine part of the meal.

Sunflower seed are highly recommended because that non-grazing horses

Sunflower seeds provide a same share that vitamin E to the non-grazing horses and horses that space surviving ~ above stale pastures. The deficiency the vitamin E in such horses deserve to be cure this way. Although the would never be an ideal alternate for vitamin E that is gift consumed through eco-friendly forage. However it would somehow satisfy the part to part extent. 

What vitamins and also minerals sunflower seed have? and what perform they carry out for the horses?

Sunflower seeds are completely packed with plenty of vitamins and also minerals however the necessary ones are:

PhosphorusMagnesiumIronCalciumPotassiumProteinVitamin E


Phosphorus does not just keep the skeleton healthy but it additionally provides structural assistance to the bones.

As per the research carried out recently, An average 500lb horse needs 14.3 grams of phosphorus every day. Sunflower seeds aid in maintaining the numbers of phosphorus balanced. Not natural phosphorus supplements are no doubt a quick means to satisfy the need however on the various other hand, they are gradually taking the toughness away. Magnesium:

Magnesium is needed for the healthy functional nerve and also muscle system. It additionally brings a calming result to the nervousness, excitability, and also wariness in horses. Every 100 grams the sunflower seeds contain 325 mg magnesium that is sufficient to fulfill a day’s requirements.


Even though equines do not require iron daily yet it i do not care an unpreventable micro mineral in the instance of blood loss and sub-clinical steel toxicity. Feeding that in both situations would minimize the require for inorganic iron supplements


Calcium deficiency reflects the indicators of lameness, slow-moving growth, weak bones, and also poor performance. By pass a small stability in every the over mentioned medical problems calcium additionally gives a healthy boost to muscle weakness as well. So, the sunflower seeds are soothing the taste buds and giving a healthy an increase at the exact same time.


Potassium balances the acid and base balance, cellular osmotic pressure, muscle, and also nerve function. 100 grams of sunflower seed provides 645mg that potassium.


Horses require protein to grow and also it becomes even an ext important in the growth years. Sunflower seeds space just another protein-rich snack that will certainly be a health booster for not just growing yet mature horses as well.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E fights against complimentary radicals that space damaging the membrane and also components that cells. Non-grazing horses usually suffer from vitamin E deficiency together they hardly acquire fresh pasture. So, sunflower seeds room the finest organic alternate for vitamin E needs.

Grind lock or soak lock in water, to do it straightforward to devour

Some steeds may find it an overwhelming to rest the hulls in such situations soak or grind the sunflower seed to do them show up weaker in their mouth.

But remember! You will hardly come across a horse owner feeding the sunflower seed this way as these are my inventions.

For ground sunflower seed- A allude to remember.

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For soil sunflower seed, equine owners should be cautious of rancidity. Floor sunflower seeds have to be fed as shortly as you are done grinding. 

 But you won’t have to worry about the pre-ground all set to use sunflower seed easily accessible in the sector as they are already treated for rancidity. 

But how would you identify the black oil sunflower seed? 

As there are three types of sunflower seeds it would be overwhelming for a newbie to uncover the “one” for their horses. 

The seeds your horse is walk to obtain benefits indigenous should have a soil black colored husk. If it’s still tricky to identify the black oil seed, to compare the available species you will uncover the black color ones in a minute.

In brief, you have the right to feed your horses sunflower seeds yet they would only be an excellent for castle if you follow the instructions and precautions properly. And one thing you need to not forget(not just in the sunflower particle case) feeding in moderation is the key!