This is really several questions. I perform not check out the manga for this reason I"m particular this is likely covered there.

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First, is Zangetsu completely restored after Ichigo"s powers space restored? Does he look different? Both the Shikai and also the Bankai show up different in the Go this transformation result in any kind of physical transforms to Zangetsu"s appearance? of course, I median within Ichigo"s inner realm.

In the very same vein, go Ichigo maintain or regain any of his hollow powers, or were they totally absorbed once he linked with his inside Hollow together revealed in illustration 309?

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If you"re talking about before the Fullbring arc, Ichigo still has Zangetsu up till the allude where he provides Mugetsu come incapacitate Aizen enough for Urahara to seal him. It"s at that allude that he loser his powers.

**MANGA spoiler AHEAD**

If you"re talking around the Fullbring arc, that"s a completely and wildly various side the the story that has actually no bearing ~ above the previous or the future the the general story. Manga filler.

If you"re talking around after the Fullbring arc, then no. Formation Zero restore"s Ichigo"s powers to a totally different Zanpakutou. It"s explained that Zangetsu is a "fake" Zanpakutou the resembles Yhwach that stems native Ichigo"s ties come the Quincy bloodline.

Highly indicate you record up ~ above the manga. You"re not that far behind, and it"s comes to an end now.

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Well did you recognize that his fullbring fused with his soulreaper powers I median it"s been declared multiple times in the fullbring arc and also that was The main purpose for him achieving fullbring so that it have the right to fuse through his soul reaper powers. I recognize ginjo claimed that that took all of ichigo fullbring and soul reaper power well the is no true since his to be soul reaping machine was revived by rukia add to 30% the his fullbring fused through soul reaping machine powers.

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