After the scenes, lug Hudson to the tunnels. Go the end to the trenches and also clear the path.

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Objective: safeguard Khe SanhObjective: clear the trenches

Continue along the trenches and a Vietcong will jump unto you. Push X quickly to fight earlier and tree a grenade on the bastard. Continue along till you with the defensive line.

Objective: organize the line

Enemy infantry is flooding the area and also you have to use the detonators to halt your advance. To uncover the very first intel of the mission, operation along the trenches previous the two detonators and go uphill to find the ammo caches. There intel is located among them.

SOG Intel 1/3

Back to the action; wait because that the opponents to kind around the line prior to using the detonator for much more kills. After driving away the foot soldiers, T55 tanks will certainly arrive. Get in the gunner burned to the left and grab the LAW. Use it to destroy the Russian tanks. After ruining the tanks, follow Woods and also Hudson to the next part of the base.


Objective: Push ago the NVA

In the following part, more NVAs will attempt to break through. There space two napalm barrels right here which you need to puncture and also push come the trenches. Carefully technique them and also kick castle to organize off incoming forces. An additional intel is located inside the pillbox come the left. Refer to the video below.


SOG Intel 2/3

Objective: take back the hillHead to the next objective and climb uphill together you kill enemy forces. After getting to the hill and saving Woods in the nick that time, continue to the tunnel. Within this makeshift command post is an additional intel. Refer to the video for much better directions.

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SOG Intel 3/3

Objective: gain on the jeep

Head outside and also ride the jeep. You should use the an installed TOW missile launcher to ruin all 6 tanks. Remember the you can steer these as well. If friend want another achievement, you need to ruin the tanks there is no missing. See the achievement section for the video clip and much more details. Damage all tanks to finish the mission.