This low calorie Tom Yum Soup cooking recipes is just 174 calories and also can it is in made in simply 25 minutes!

In this post you will learn just how to do the popular Thai hot and sour soup recipe quickly and also easily. We will supply you v all you must make Thai soup recipes in a flash, even on busy weeknights.

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We did cut some corners, therefore calling that an yes, really Tom Yum Soup recipe would certainly not it is in accurate… but it is authentic tasting and we have the right to make the in simply 25 minutes, so I’ll take it!

This short calorie recipe because that Tom Yum Soup comes v a purchase list, printable cooking recipes card, and also more. Do this simple Tom Yum recipe easy sufficient for even the newest cook.
This short calorie Tom Yum Soup recipe is just 174 calories and also can be made in simply 25 minutes!

Tom Yum Soup Recipe

There are various styles the Tom Yum Thai soup… here you will discover the differences in between tom yum goong, Tom Yum kung, and also Tom Yum gai soups.

Tom Yum Kung: Tom Yum Kung is the most famous version of Tom Yum, and is make with prawns or shrimp as the key ingredient.Tom Yum Gai: The Tom Yum Gai soup is the chicken version of this Tom Yum Soup.Tom Yum Goong: Tom Yum Goong is the same as Tom Yum Kung, a spicy and also sour Thai soup made through prawns or shrimp.

What You’ll discover in this Article:

Tom Yum Soup ingredients (shopping list!)How to do Tom Yum SoupThai Tom Yum Soup recipe (recipe card!)Nutrition and Calories in Hot and also Sour Soup/Tom Yum

Helpful tip for Shopping: Take a screenshot the the shopping list to your phone. This method you have it at her fingertips the next time friend go grocery shopping.
Recipe card Uses: You can email yourself this recipe map so you can quickly search for it (I have a folder in email just for recipes!) Or print it so you have it handy, and also can do notes. You can also pin this recipe for hot and sour soup to Pintrest so the is safe stored because that you.Up next, a shopping list for yom yum hot and also sour soup ingredients…

Tom Yum Soup Ingredients

This Tom Yum Soup v shrimp does reduced a couple of corners to make it “authentic tasting” without every the job-related of cook the shrimp heads. Add to you deserve to often discover headless shrimp on sale or because that a far better price.
There are countless different ways to do Tom Yum soups, some call for coconut milk, others call for evaporated milk, and also some call for no milk.Our quick Tom Yum Soup recipe is made v a little amount of coconut milk to offer it a hints of creaminess, there is no weighing down the broth.

To make this hot and sour soup recipe easy, we have actually supplied girlfriend with web links below. Girlfriend can click them to acquire a intuitive of what you need to buy, or just add them to her shopping cart best away.

Shopping list for Tom Yum Soup Ingredients:

Low-sodium chicken brothLemongrassGarlicGinger Chili flakesLime leavesMushrooms (your favorite)Raw shrimp (peeled and also cleaned)Cherry tomatoes Canned light coconut milkFish sauceLime juiceFresh cilantroSpecial Tip: You can uncover all the measurements in the recipe map below. There you can pick how plenty of servings of this Tom Yum Thai soup recipe you desire to make, and it will perform all the measurement mathematics for you!

Up next, exactly how to do shrimp Tom Yum Soup recipes…

How to make Tom Yum Soup

This Thai soup cooking recipes Tom Yum is among the most renowned Thai dishes on most menus. We wanted to make a quick and also healthy version that you deserve to make at home, in less time (and much less money) than ordering take out.

Equipment to make Tom Yum Soup:

Large potKnifeCutting boardZester (optional) come grate the garlic and ginger

This simple Tom Yum Soup recipe is make quickly and easily by skip one step… boil the shrimp heads.Now if friend do have time to spend on this soup, that really renders the soup taste amazing. However this recipe was produced for those of friend who desire a fast meal with little effort.

How to do Tom Yum Soup in 25 Minutes:

In a large pot bring the chicken broth to a low boil over medium-high heat.Meanwhile, prepare thee lemongrass: part the bottom 1/3 of the lemongrass stalk off and set aside the top. Finely mince the bottom 1/2 the the stalk and keep the upper part whole. Include all to the pot that chicken broth as you work.Boil the chicken broth and also lemon grass because that 5 minutes, till fragrant.Reduce the heat to medium heat and include in the garlic, chili, lime leaves, and mushrooms come broth. Simmer for 5 minutes.Add in the shrimp, and also cherry tomatoes. Simmer because that 5 minutes, till the shrimp space pink.Lower the warmth to low and add in the fish sauce.Serve in bowls with fresh cilantro sprinkled end the top.

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Special Tip: You can discover these directions, in addition to measurements, nutrition and much more in the sharable recipe card in the following section!Up next, a sharable recipe map for this low calorie Tom Yum Soup recipe…

Thai Tom Yum Soup Recipe

This simple Tom Yum Soup cooking recipes tastes authentic, however, it only takes 25 minute to make (from begin to finish!)At just 174 calories, and 33.3g the protein, this healthy and balanced Thai soup recipe makes a great weeknight meal. You can have 1.5 cups for 174 calories, and you could dual it come 3 cups for simply 348 calories!

This hot and also sour Tom Yum Soup cooking recipes takes simply 25 minutes to make, and also is just 174 calories for 1.5 cups!
We were able to cut chef time by making use of chicken broth, and also by skipping boiling the of the shrimp heads. Traditional, no, but this quick recipe is because that the busy chef who requirements to be able to make dinner from start to finish in simply 25 minutes.
This Tom Yum Soup with shrimp has over 33g of protein every serving! It"s a great weeknight meal, and also when shrimp is ~ above sale, an cheap one too!