Star anise additionally known together Chinese star anise is a freckles that comes from the evergreen tree indigenous to southwest China and northeast Vietnam.

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The seed pods of this tree have actually a star shape and also contain 6-8 seeds. The seeds and pods space with strong anise flavor and also enhance the smell of meals. Star anise has a strong, sweet, warm, and also spicy flavor i beg your pardon reminds of anise seed, clove, licorice, and fennel seed.

This particular flavor bag well v cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, beef, poultry, or citrus onions. But you must use that in a little amount not to overpower the other flavors. Star anise is also used to include flavor come liqueurs, cookies, cakes, and other small goods.

Consuming star anise also has health benefits many thanks to vitamins, minerals, and also antioxidants that help with details health problems.

However, what if you don’t have actually this spice in ~ hand and also your cooking recipes calls because that it? Luckily, you deserve to use some various other spices together a substitute.

Spices that have the right to replace the distinctive odor of star anise space anise seed, Chinese five-spice powder, caraway seeds, allspice, anise extract, tarragon, chervil, cinnamon, or some of the adhering to substitutes.

Star Anise Substitutes

This spice have the right to be uncovered as a whole and ground. And also in every form, that is used in different ways in cooking. totality star anise pods work well in plenty of sauces, stews, marinades, soups, and braised key to include flavor and also they are gotten rid of after cooking, whereas ground star anise is added to dishes like various other ground spices.

If you desire to have a stronger flavor in your dish you can ground the star anise seeds and also pods in ~ home and also use them when needed.

Ground star anise is likewise common in sweet dishes choose pies, muffins, sweet bread, or baked fruits, and also as an ingredient in some spice mixtures choose Chinese five-spice powder, and Garam masala.

Few spices deserve to be used as a substitute because that star anise. However, if you want to reach a similar flavor, you will need to use the best substitute in the right amount in your dish.

1. Anise seed


Cinnamon is do from the inner bark of a tree Cinnamomum. There space two main types of cinnamon used cassia and Ceylon cinnamon that is additionally known as actual cinnamon.

It has a sweet, spicy, and also woody flavor with a slightly citrusy note. You can use this freckles in sweet and savory dishes prefer bread, cookies, pies, soups, lamb, and chicken meat.

If you have cinnamon in ~ home, you deserve to use it as a substitute for star anise in hot drinks, cookies, cakes, or baked goods. Substitute 1 teaspoon of star anise with 2 teaspoons that cinnamon.


Can ns substitute anise for star anise?

Yes, anise is one of the seasonings you deserve to substitute for star anise. They both have actually the exact same licorice flavor. However, star anise smell is stronger than anise flavor.

Is there a difference in between anise and also star anise?

Star anise and anise came from two different plants. Anise seeds is a small seed v brown color, when star anise has actually 6-8 seeds in a star-shaped pod.

Final Thoughts

These substitutes have similar licorice flavor favor star anise and also you have the right to use castle in your sweet and savory bowl to boost their flavor.

However, if you have actually never provided some that these flavors to flavor your dishes you deserve to use a small amount, and also if you like it include extra.

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The odor of your dish relies on the spices you are using.