Camembert cheese is just one of the most renowned cheeses in the world. It has actually a wide variety of uses. This is because it tastes great every time – both together an ingredient in other dishes and when eaten on its own.

It’s no surprised that one can want to frozen it, but the concern is, have the right to you?

Can girlfriend safely freeze camembert cheese? The answer is yes, but you may be sacrificing several of its high quality in the process. If you room looking come eat your camembert without any preparation or cooking, freeze is no recommended, together it will inevitably affect the structure of the cheese. However, for those that want to prepare a dip or other else, freeze is a good option.

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No matter the to plan you have for your camembert, if you want to freeze it successfully, you should know just how to perform it. Over there are ways to ensure the you will maintain as lot of the taste together possible.

If you desire to learn how to freeze her camembert cheese, check out on below!

Freezing the Perfect Camembert


There are methods in i beg your pardon to freeze camembert the will enhance its quality. If you want to achieve the perfect texture and flavor, it’s great to take some time during the freezing procedure to make that happen.

Camembert is a rather vulnerable cheese that needs to be treated v care, including just how you pick to cut it. Our favorite knife to reduced soft cheeses is this one ~ above Amazon.

top top the other hand, the is amongst the perform of cheeses the chefs recommend for freezing.

As lengthy as you’re aware that your cheese will certainly be mostly an excellent for cooking and not for being eaten as-is, you can safely frozen camembert.

The other key point in freeze camembert come after you eliminate it native the freezer and try to defrost it. Let’s take a closer look at both that those processes.

How to frozen Camembert

Freezing camembert the right means requires much more preparation than you might first think. Don’t simply chuck that in the freezer and hope for the best. If you invest a few minutes preparing your camembert, her future self will say thanks to you.

To begin with, you require to pick the right cheese. Your best camembert will certainly not have any dry or cracked edge or mold the doesn’t belong. The should additionally be well within the best before date, especially if you’re to plan to frozen it for a long time.If the camembert is hard or semi-hard, you deserve to freeze it ideal away. However, if it’s soft, you must wait till it get its desired ripeness.Once you’ve liked the ideal camembert, you can begin with the freezing.Cut the cheese right into portions that will be no larger than fifty percent a lb each.Make sure to label the cheese once you placed it in.Put it in the freezer and also leave it to freeze.The temperature in your freezer should not go over 20 degrees Celsius.

How to Defrost Camembert

There room two political parties to every coin. Once you freeze camembert, you might keep the in the freezer for months without compromising its quality too much. But there space times once you will desire to usage it. Just how do girlfriend defrost that safely?

Remove the preferred amount that camembert indigenous the freezer.Place it on a plate.Transfer camembert native the freezer right into the refrigerator.Allow that to slowly defrost end a job or two.

This technique is not ideal if you require your camembert right now, but it is the one that preserves the most of the quality!

If girlfriend really want to, you can microwave it, yet you will certainly be most unhappy v the texture. The will end up being rubbery and lose some of its flavor.

Another defrosting option, albeit less recommended than the very first one, is come defrost camembert by maintaining it in cold water.

This will have actually the desired effect faster than the fridge method, yet it’s not best for the consistency of her cheese.

Related Questions

We hope the our overview helped you learn all about the freezing and also defrosting of camembert. If you uncover yourself with pressing questions still in your mind, review on below to view the answers to the most common ones!

How long can I store camembert in the fridge after defrosting?

Once you do defrost her camembert, you can keep that in the fridge for secondary up to 4 days prior to you really need to eat it.

In general, assets that supplied to it is in frozen and also have since thawed need to be eaten as quickly as feasible to allow for best taste.

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How lot cheese deserve to be stored in ~ a time?

You have the right to store but much cheese friend need. Us don’t recommend freezing huge wedges without breaking them increase first.

As such, if you’re ever before in the the atmosphere for part camembert, girlfriend won’t need to defrost a whole big portion when all you wanted was something tiny to make some sauce with.

What are few of the best cheeses come freeze?

You will be pleased to understand that camembert is among the finest cheeses come freeze, together it have the right to actually keep indefinitely if frozen right. Some other cheeses you have the right to freeze are:

MuensterPort du SalutEdamCheddarParmesanProvoloneRomanoSwissBlue Cheese (definitely becomes crumbly when defrosted)

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