For defendants who space fortunate sufficient to be inserted on probation in lieu of incarceration, one inquiry they regularly have is “Can i leave the county while ~ above probation?” The price is “maybe”. Being placed on probation is considered a privilege by the court system. It method you are permitted to complete your sentence external of jail. This gives you the capability to live through family, work, walk to church, and also enjoy other life activities. In general, you must report to your probation officer regularly and also obey the rules he or she discussed with you during your first report date.

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Whether or no you deserve to leave the county while ~ above probation generally falls under among three possibilities:

Not without Permission — your probation officer could decide that you cannot leaving the county without his or her prior permission. This is not uncommon, particularly when you are new to probation and also your probation officer has not had time to get to know you. If you to be told you require permission to leave the county, ask for clear direction on what “permission” means. Does it average you have to call and also speak with your probation officer? What if the office is closed? space you permitted to leaving a post on voice mail? space you compelled to questioning for written permission? the is ideal to gain these accuse in writing before it come up, so over there is no man on either side around how you manage needing come periodically leaving the county.Depends top top Which ar — if you live in one county, and your household is in the surrounding county, or you job-related in an industry that needs you to travel to nearby counties – such regarding landscape customers’ yards – your probation officer could give girlfriend conditional permission to leave the county. Because that example, that or she will display you top top a map i beg your pardon counties you deserve to travel come without having actually to gain prior permission. Counties exterior those named are not included and also for those, you should still gain permission. In part cases, you will certainly only require to acquire permission if you are going to spend the night in another county; however, because that a brief trip wherein you will certainly return before the following day, you execute not require permission.It’s Fine, just Don’t gain into trouble — relying on things such together your probation officer’s style, how numerous counties space within a quick distance, and also the seriousness of her conviction, that is possible that you can travel between counties at will certainly as lengthy as you don’t leave the state and you don’t acquire in legal trouble in the various other counties.

While it may not seem choose a huge deal to visit the surrounding county without adhering to your probation officer’s rules, if girlfriend are caught there, or the probation officer finds out it happened, you could be charged with a probation violation. Also if you no doing anything illegal if in the next county someone can run a red light and also hit your auto or you might be witness come a crime and also then over there is a document trail that you were outside of her county. It is finest to discover out what the rules space in your details case and follow them. Sometimes, however, even with the best of intentions, you could find yourself charged v a probation violation because that leaving the county. In that case, consult with an knowledgeable Florida criminal defense attorney. If you space in the need of help or for much more information, please contact Powers Sellers & Finkelstein, PLC. In ~ (727) 531-2926 for a complimentary consultation and also case evaluation.


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