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Our nephew is anxious to ride her pregnant barrel racing mare. But, we’re involved it may reason damage come the equine or the unborn foal, so i did some study to learn about the security of talk a pregnant horse.

A healthy and balanced pregnant horse have the right to be ridden during much of her pregnancy. However, there are periods once riding have to be avoided, don’t journey a mare because that at the very least 30 days complying with conception or during the final two to 3 months before her early out date. Otherwise, it is ok to ride your pregnant horse.

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Many equine owners stop riding a pregnant mare; however, this is no necessary, and also often pregnant mares benefit from gift ridden. But there are some essential things you have to keep in mind when your mare is pregnant.

Don’t ride a pregnant mare early on in she pregnancy.

Breeding domestic horses is a ambitious science command to produce high-quality foals with features to excel in certain equine events. The is a time-consuming and also expensive undertaking, and also owners want to take every precaution come ensure the health and safety of the foal and broodmare.


After a mare is bred, she have to be pampered for at the very least 30 days come ensure the safety and viability the the embryo. These days space the most precarious of her pregnancy, and also riding have to be forbidden.

Near the 15th work of conception, a successful pregnancy have the right to be evidenced via ultrasound; however, this doesn’t eco-friendly light riding, since the embryo is tho fragile during this early on stage.

At 30 to 35 days post-conception, a veterinarian can confirm the mare is pregnant by palpation or ultrasound. If the equine is pregnant, the goal is to store her healthy through pregnancy and then provide a normal, healthy foal.

The ability to carry a healthy and balanced foal come birth depends on ideal management and also the individual horses’ reproductive capabilities, but after 30-45 days, most steeds are prepared to begin exercising.

Don’t drive a pregnant horse too hard in its first trimester.

Mares space individuals, and their fitness level prior to pregnancy need to be thought about when formulating a riding arrangement for a pregnant horse. Every pregnant horses need to be eased into an exercise routine for the an initial two month of your pregnancy.

But older mares and overweight equines need unique attention and also probably have to be not be ridden at all. Occupational with lock on a lunge line and also take her time to boost their fitness level. Stress led to by overworking a horse have the right to lead come loss the the embryo.

Avoid putting your mare in stressful instances during these early on months; for example, if your equine gets nervous travel or loading in a trailer, climate don’t draw her, if she doesn’t choose being roughly other horses, try to keep her separated.

Make certain she has cost-free access to clean water and also doesn’t acquire overworked or overheated. Something you execute to save her calm and comfortable creates a better environment for she to have actually a effective pregnancy.

Do ride her pregnant mare throughout her 2nd and 3rd trimester.


Mares have a long gestation period, eleven months. During most of your pregnancy, the embryo grow at a secure but relatively slow pace. A right pregnant horse deserve to be ridden and also even complete until the eighth month of your gestation period.

Some owners work their mares strongly while pregnant increase to six months without experiencing any kind of ill effects. After the 6 months, it’s advisable to earlier off strenuous exercise, however light speak is tho okay—no much more showjumping or too much exertion previous their 6th or saturday month.

But additionally keep in mind the horses construct differently, so you need to watch your mare very closely and change her work accordingly. Repetitively monitor her pregnant horse and also seek the advice of her veterinarian at each phase of gestation.

Generally, it’s recipient to store a pregnant mare fit; it commonly increases the likelihood that a healthy delivery and fit equines recover quicker. Also, exercise reduces ede in pregnant mares’ legs. Leg ede is a common problem led to by a mare stand stationary in the later duration of she pregnancy.

Don’t drive a pregnant horse late in she pregnancy.

Increase your mares hay and also forage because expectant mares typically need an increase in energy throughout their critical trimester, due to the fact that the foal they’re carrying starts growing rapidly.

Most mares, other than first-time mothers, grow big bellies late in their six months that pregnancy. Riding during this stage may be an overwhelming because she saddle no much longer fits correctly.

Some mares have the right to be ridden up, and also to the job they foal, however, this is no advisable. Pregnant steeds need exercise; however, in ~ this stage, it’s ideal to turn them the end in a pasture and work castle on a lunge line.


Can you deliver a pregnant mare?

We gotten in a barrel race about four hrs from our home, and our intended steed is lame, so we space thinking around competing top top a pregnant mare. I’m unsure if it’s safe to to draw her that far.

Pregnant mares deserve to be hauled safely; however, she requirements to be comfortable loading, has an ideal bedding, new water, and hay. The is additionally essential that the horse trailer is clean, disinfected, and also has ample ventilation.Don’t haul a pregnant mare in ~ 30 job of she due date.

Most steed owners room accustomed to hauling horses and also know no to put their pets at hazard or reason them undue discomfort. However, as soon as hauling a pregnant horse, you need to take extra care and also make her travel as stress-free together possible.

Take extra treatment when hauling a pregnant mare.

Even despite our pilgrimage wasn’t too far, i was still concerned that traveling so much away from house with a pregnant horse could be a disaster if we broke down top top the road.

So the first rule is to examine your tow vehicle and also make certain it’s in great shape, consisting of its tires. If you’re no mechanically inclined, lug it to a shop and have a general maintenance check-up.

Next, offer your trailer a pre-trip examination. Examine the tires, make certain the home windows open and close, inspect the door latches, the hitch, and also ensure the vents are open and also can close.

Map your course with your equine in mind. You desire to choose the straightest path to your location to stop slinging your trailer with your equine inside. I likewise like to avoid areas with congested traffic and also roads there is no spaces I deserve to pull over and stop if necessary to check on my animals.

Drive slow and also safe, v the knowledge you have a delicate animal traveling in the trailer. Don’t avoid or advice abruptly; take transforms carefully. Your driving is critical.

There is a lot to know about hauling horses, info required, regulations, etc.. We have a considerable article the provides helpful information on transporting steeds here.

What perform you feeding a pregnant mare?

My nephew is overly pertained to her pregnant mare isn’t obtaining all the vitamins and supplements she needs to provide a healthy and balanced baby. So, we decided to execute some research to certain our horse is eating correctly.

A pregnant mare requirements to eat nutritious hay, grass, and also have accessibility to a mineral block. You should ensure the foliage has proper quantities of vitamin E and selenium; these nutrients are necessary for the health and well being of the mare and also foal.

Owners regularly get excited around thier unborn foals potential and this anticipation leads them to overfeed vitamins and also supplement to their mare. Feeding an expectant mare is actually pretty basic.

Keep a pregnant mare on her regular diet.

You need to not transform your pregnant horse’s diet until the final four month of she pregnancy. Use the BCS system to monitor your steed level the fitness and change her rations accordingly.

It’s vital that she is fed high-quality hay or has access to other quality forage. In her final trimester, her caloric intake requirements notably increase as result of the growth spurt the the foal she is carrying.

At this point, it’s best to satisfy with her veterinarian and have them design a diet specifically for her horse. Together I said earlier, equines are individuals and must it is in treated together such, and there is no one dimension fits all for horses.

Don’t overfeed a pregnant mare.

Many owners worry their mare isn’t getting enough food, or they are eating because that two and need to it is in fed an ext than usual. This is a flawed method of thinking and can bring about obesity and other serious health issues.

An obese steed is vulnerable to build laminitis and challenging delivery that the foal due to a narrowing that the bear canal caused by fat deposits in the pelvis.

The necessary diet because that a healthy mare moving a foal is high-quality hay and clean, new water. Carry out not feed your pregnant mare additional or vitamins uneven you have cleared them an initial with your veterinarian. Numerous equine supplements haven’t been authorized or tested on pregnant horses.

Isolate pregnant equines when possible.

It is vital that your pregnant horse doesn’t obtain sick during her pregnancy. Epidemic and disease can cause a pregnant horse to abort the fetus, additional veternarians deserve to not administer some medicine because details medications can damage the baby.

Sport equines returning to your facility ~ competition need to not it is in exposed to pregnant mares. Organize tools and also equipment must be designated for your mare and also not common with various other horses.

Properly keep your pregnant horse.

Schedule a visit v your veterinarian and establish a vaccine schedule. There room vaccines that room recommended and some that are crucial for the health and also well being of both the mother and also foal.

Also worming your steed is important, yet again follow the protocol encourage by her veterinarian. Many recommend equines not be wormed the last month of your pregnancy.

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Keep her mare on her constant hoof trimming schedule, perform not ignore her feet during her pregnancy.