Recovery that a bullet of a specific caliber native a body does not necessarily show that the weapon offered to fire this missile was of the exact same caliber as the cartridge in i m sorry the cartridge was loaded. Particular weapons will certainly chamber and fire ammunition of a caliber various from the for i m sorry they are chambered. Some automatic pistols are capable of shoot revolver ammunition, and some revolvers deserve to fire automatically ammunition. The .32-caliber revolver is renowned for its capability to chamber and fire the semi-rimmed .32 ACP automatic cartridge. The .38-caliber Enfield revolver, chambered for the .38 smith & Wesson cartridge, will certainly accept and also fire 9-mm Luger ammunition. Less famed is the fact that countless .32 automatically pistols will certainly chamber and fire the .32 blacksmith & Wesson short revolver cartridge and feed the revolver ammunition native a clip and duty the device for at least three or four rounds without jamming. .32 Cartridges have actually been fired in .38 revolvers by gift wrapped in ice so that they completely occupy the bigger chamber. 9-mm Parabellum cartridges can be chambered and fired in .40 S&W pistols. The emerging bullet will start to yaw widely instantly on exiting the barrel.

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In theory, a .38 one-of-a-kind revolver have to not have the ability to chamber and also fire a .38 blacksmith & Wesson cartridge, together the last cartridge case has a higher diameter 보다 the former. However, a significant number the .38 one-of-a-kind revolvers have actually oversized chambers and also will accept .38 blacksmith & Wesson cartridges.

During people War II, huge numbers the revolvers were made in the United states for great Britain. These were chambered because that the .38 blacksmith & Wesson cartridge. Due to the fact that then, many of this revolvers have been brought back to the joined States and rechambered for the .38 special cartridge. These tools will chamber and also fire both cartridges.

All .357 Magnum revolvers will, that course, fire the .38 special cartridge, as the Magnum cartridge is nothing however an elongated .38 Special. Some human being erroneously think that shoot a .38 special cartridge in a .357 Magnum revolver, increases the velocity and also ballistics the the .38 unique cartridge. This, of course, does not occur.

.32 revolver loaded with a .32 S & W brief revolver cartridge and also a .32 ACP automatic pistol cartridge (arrow).


The Astra, design 400, is chambered because that the 9-mm Bayard cartridge, i m sorry is not readily accessible in the joined States. This particular weapon will certainly chamber and fire the .38 super cartridge reliably and the 9-mm Luger cartridge unreliably and single-fire the .380 ACP cartridge. In the last case, the cartridge situation usually bursts. The .32 ACP cartridge have the right to be single-fed and also fired in a .380 ACP automatically pistol. The instances rupture, however.

Mention should be do of adapters (Figure 10.22). These permit firing of a cartridge in a weapon not chambered because that it through the usage of a device that fits in the weapon"s chamber and will accept a various caliber cartridge. Adapters permit the usage of .22 rimfire ammunition in .22-caliber centerfire rifles and also .32 ACP and also .30 Carbine ammunition in high-velocity .30-caliber centerfire rifles. Adapters have actually been do to permit firing a handgun cartridge from a shotgun and a .410 shotgun cartridge in a 12-gauge shotgun.

Ruger manufactures a line of single-shot revolvers that have interchangeable cylinders. Thus, one weapon will certainly fire .38 Special and .357 Magnum ammunition in one cylinder and 9-mm Luger in one more interchangeable cylinder. Another weapon fires .45 ACP in one cylinder and .45 Colt in a second. A number of firearms carriers manufacture .22 rimfire revolvers with two interchangeable interchangeable cylinders — one for .22 Short, Long, and Long Rifle cartridges and also the other for the .22 Magnum cartridge.

Pistol bullets have the right to be loaded in rifle cartridges. Thus, in one case seen through the author an individual to be fatally wounded through a 7.62-Luger bullet invited in a .30 carbine cartridge case. It is also feasible to load .32 ACP bullets in any of the .30 centerfire cartridges. The .32 ACP cartridge consequently may be reloaded v a single 00 Buck pellet (0.33 in. Diameter) rather than a bullet.

Adapter for firing .22 long Rifle ammunition in .223 rifle.


Rifles have been and also still room being chambered for certain handgun cartridges. Rifles are available in calibers .38 Special, .357 Magnum, 9-mm Parabellum, and also .44 Magnum.

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Specialized single-shot handguns chambered because that rifle cartridges have been and also still space manufactured. The Thompson-Contender, which features interchangeable barrels, have the right to be obtained in calibers .223 Remington, .25-35 Winchester, and also .30-30 Winchester, for example.