This overview discusses the common problems that create the Dodge examine engine light to remain on and also how come diagnose the problem yourself. 

What does Dodge inspect Engine LightEngine light Mean?


If her Dodge inspect Engine LightEngine Light (CEL) is remaining on as soon as you begin the car or comes on when driving, it indicates that the On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) system has actually detected a problem.

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A solid inspect engine irradiate does not constantly mean one emergency, however it is vital to have actually the codes review as soon engine irradiate does not always mean an emergency, however it is crucial to have the codes check out as soon as possible.

If your Dodge examine engine light engine light is flashing, it method the ECU has actually detected one engine misfire. Execute not operate your vehicle for prolonged period. Driving when the examine engine is flashing can cause damage to the engine and also cataltyic converter.

Ignoring the CEL warning light have the right to cause much more problems down the road.

Also, save in mind that your fuel economic situation may be lower if your Dodge CEL/MIL irradiate is on, and also exhaust emission usually increases.

Your Dodge examine engine light can come on for assorted reasons. While it might be other as simple as a loose gas cap, over 100 diagnostic trouble codes (DTC) can create the check eengine light have the right to come on for assorted reasons. When it might be miscellaneous as an easy as a loosened gas cap, over 100 diagnostic problem codes (DTC) can trigger the inspect engine lightengine light.

Without analysis the codes, it is difficult to recognize what is wrong. Listed below you will discover instructions on analysis codes yourself or whereby you have the right to have them review for free.


Symptoms friend may notice when your Dodge examine engine lightengine light is on.

Reduced engine powerEngine shaking due to misfireReduced fuel economy

In part cases, you may not an alert any symptoms except inspect the engine irradiate or organization engine soon light on the dashboard.

Most usual Problems


Seven that the most common problems the can reason the check engine irradiate to which a dodge engine light to which a Dodge vehicle are:

A loosened gas cap or gas cap needs to it is in replaced.Intake vacuum leak

It is challenging to recognize why your Dodge inspect engine light is ~ above without reading the faengine irradiate is ~ above without reading the fault codes. 

What come do once the Dodge examine engine lightengine light comes on?

If her Dodge inspect engine irradiate is on, in most cases, friend can continue to operate the auto if there are no power issues and also the inspect engine light is Nengine irradiate is on, in most cases, girlfriend can continue to run the car if there are no power issues and the inspect engine light is Nengine light is not flashing.

 See the closestly mechanic or evade dealer if the check engine light isengine light is flashing. 

1. Monitor Dashboard Warnings

Check your dashboard warning lights and also gauges. Make certain there room no warning lights for short oil pressure or engine overheating.

Drive v caution and continue to monitor exactly how the vehicle is running. If the engine sounds different, the trouble may be serious and should be diagnosed immediately.

2. Examine Gas Cap

Check her gas cap to make sure it is on tight. If you uncover that the gas lid was loosened or removed, tighten it until you hear the click.

If you have a capless design, examine the flap because that debris and make sure it closes properly. 

After a couple of driving cycles, the light will revolve off ~ above its own due to the fact that the ECU will keep on check the EVAP system. 

It will certainly take a couple of driving cycles for the light to reset, and in most cases, the irradiate resets within 2 to 3 days.

3. Monitor Engine Temperature

Next, you must monitor the engine temperature. If your examine engine light come on because of one engine misfire, the engine can be walk engine light came on because of one engine misfire, the engine can be going to overheat.

If the engine walk overheat, it deserve to lead to a swollen head gasket, which can be a costly repair, especially if your check engine irradiate is flashing engine irradiate is flashing or blinking.

If the engine is overheating or the oil light is ON, you must pull over and shut turn off the engine as quickly as possible.

4. Reduce Speed and also Load

If your examine engine irradiate is on, minimize your speed and not unnecessarily fill on the engine. If you space towing a trainer, either alleviate the speed substantially or remoengine irradiate is on, mitigate your speed and not unnecessarily load on the engine. If you room towing a trainer, either alleviate the speed considerably or eliminate the load.

5. Check out Diagnostic trouble Codes and also Reset inspect Engine LightEngine Light

Let"s watch at just how you have the right to use one OBD-II scanner to read codes related check engine codes.


Turn ~ above the ignition. The is not crucial to start the engine if your Dodge has a Start/Stop button. Push it twice without pushing the brake pedal to rotate on the accessories and also the OBD-II port.Read dodge fault codes. Instructions on this action will vary relying on the scanner that you room using. For her convenience, we have listed videos top top using various OBD2 scanners to review codes and also clear the Dodge check engine lightengine light.

Clearing password without addressing the trouble that motivated the CEL does not fix the problem. Always attend to the trouble first, then clear the inspect engine lightengine light.

These instructions work-related on 1996 and newer evade vehicles such as Dodge cool Caravan, Stratus, Viper, Challenger, Charger, Avenger, Caliber, Dart, Magnum, Neon, Durango, and also Journey.

How to review Dodge password without a scanner

For example, you deserve to retrieve the codes without a scanner top top a couple of Dodge vehicles such as Dodge Dakota and also Grand Caravans.

Cycle the crucial in the ignition 3 times. Turn vital to ON, climate OFF three times.Leave the vital in the on position.Wait 5 seconds.

Dodge check Engine light FlasEngine light Flashes 10 Times

If you turn the crucial to the ON place (or an essential in ACC position) however do not start the engine, you may an alert the inspect engine irradiate flashes 10x times. This happens if yengine light flashes 10x times. This wake up if you recently disconnected the battery or supplied an OBD-II scanner to clean the codes.

It method that one or much more of the emissions systems are not ready, known as the I/M readiness test.

All the systems will be tested as you drive the vehicle, and the light commonly stops blinking after ~ a couple of driving cycles.

If her Dodge CEL flashes 10 time at startup, continue to drive your Dodge, and also the light must stop blinking in ~ a few days. execute NOT drive if the vehicle if the CEL proceeds to flash as soon as the engine is running.

It is important to recognize that if your Dodge check engine irradiate is flashing 10 times, and also you take it the auto for an emissions test, it will fail due to the fact that at least one that the adhering to systems iengine irradiate is flashing 10 times, and also you take the auto for an emission test, it will certainly fail because at least one of the complying with systems is not ready:

Fuel SystemCatalystHeated CatalystSecondary air SystemOxygen Sensor Sensor Heater

Even if your inspect engine light transforms off, but one or much more of these systems is no READY, her Dodge is not prepared for emissiengine light turns off, but one or an ext of these equipment is no READY, your Dodge is not all set for emissions testing.

Once every the systems detailed above are tested through the onboard diagnostic system and the automobile is all set for emissions test, the inspect engine light will come on for a couple of seconds then turn off. It will certainly not blink and also should not stay on as soon as the engineengine light will come on because that a few seconds then rotate off. It will certainly not blink and should not remain on when the engine is running.

If you think the light is flashing 9 or 11 times, counting it again. It have to blink ten times.

When you speak to your evade dealer or any auto mechanic, you will be request to carry the automobile for a diagnostic.

The factor is the they have to plug in a scan device to read the password from the ECU. This is a procedure that you have the right to perform if you have actually the right tools.

For this checkup, dodge dealers charge between $80 and $130. If your Dodge is quiet under warranty, your Dodge dealer will carry out diagnostic totally free of charge.

Also, note that a couple of Dodge dealerships might offer cost-free check engine light engine light diagnostics.

Just reading the password is the beginning point. Your dealer will certainly make proposal on the parts that should be replaced based upon the diagnostic results.

The main benefit of acquisition your auto to the dealer is the the dealership"s scanner provides an ext detailed details than the code that girlfriend retrieve making use of a share OBD-II scanner.

The diagnostic fee fee at the dealership or the mechanic walk not incorporate the expense to resolve it.

If you decision to have actually the vehicle fixed at the same location that perform the diagnostics, questioning the manager to waive the diagnostic fee. In many cases, they will certainly if girlfriend ask in advance.

Fault Codes

While thousands of Diagnostic trouble Codes (DTCs) are several of the most typical fault codes that plenty of Dodge owners might experience.


This code suggests a very small leak in the EVAP system. A common problem with Dodge trucks such as Dodge ram gasoline engine is a rotted hose because that the EVAP system.

The hoses from the fuel tank come the engine have the right to crack end time. The trouble could likewise be the NVLD valve. In addition to the P0456, you may also get P0440 or P0442. These are EVAP codes. If girlfriend have any of this codes, examine the gas cap as well.

P0456 & P0457

If the P0457 and P0457 codes come up and also your check engine light is on, the an initial you must do is to examine or also replace engine light is on, the an initial you need to do is to check or also replace the gas cap.


If the password remains, over there is a high chance that you have a defective leak detection pump. Your Dodge leak detection pump have the right to be accessed from under the car. It have the right to be replaced without remove the fuel tank.

P0306, P0303 or P0300

These codes mean that the Engine regulate Unit has actually detected one engine misfire. Any kind of of the adhering to can reason these codes:


Bad spark plugsDefective ignition coilFuel injector dirtyMass airflow sensorDamaged catalytic converterThese are simply a few of the difficulties that can reason a cylinder misfire.

To identify the reason of P03XXX codes, you need to perform additional troubleshooting.


A defective EGR valve generally triggers this code. The EGR valve may have a bad solenoid or carbon blockage.

In most cases, the valve is replaced, i beg your pardon is a project that many DIYers can tackle themselves.

While it is not required, that is encourage to disconnect the battery while instead of the EGR valve. Friend can additionally clean the EGR valve, however no guarantee cleaning it will deal with the problem.


The P0562 code can be motivated if a low device voltage is detected. In addition to the P0562 light, girlfriend may additionally get a red battery warning irradiate on the dashboard.

Newer evade vehicles might even go into a limp (fail-safe) mode when this code is present. Low voltage have the right to be led to by a negative alternator or voltage regulator. It can additionally be brought about by poor ground connection, corroded battery terminals, or a battery that has a bad cell.

If you read the codes and your Dodge has actually code P0562, address the trouble as soon as possible. If ignored, you might experience other troubles such as the engine refusing to start, bad fuel economy, or infection not changing out of Park and also into Drive.


If your Dodge check engine light is on and you acquire code P0404, it meanengine light is on and you gain code P0404, it way that your Dodge Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) valve is operating out the range.

The EGR valve intends to recirculate exhaust gases and also send them ago into the engine to reduced the NOx emissions.

A brand-new Dodge EGR Valve expenses anywhere native $50 to $200 and also is replaced at the dealer ~ above average. You will certainly pay in between $300 and also $550.

The EGR is an installed on your Dodge engine near the exhaust. In most Dodge vehicles, it is fairly easy come replace.

This is a job that most DIYers have the right to perform in their driveway as long as you have actually the correct tools.

Keep in mind the the EGR valve itself may not constantly be the problem. The problem could likewise be the signal from the EGR valve come the engine ECU.

This password has comparable symptoms come a vacuum leak together well. Make sure to inspect the solenoid operation and wiring as well. You have to perform a continuity check on the wire harness come ensure the cable harness come the EGR is not defective.

Some that the most typical symptoms of the P0404 on evade vehicles include engine dice at idle, engine stalling, or stormy idle. This is a typical problem on evade trucks such as Rams, whereby in enhancement to the P0404 code, friend may likewise get the P0406 code.


A P0720 code is a generic infection code. The code suggests that there is a breakdown of the output pillar sensor. The problem might be the sensor chin or the wire harness.

Common symptoms incorporate delayed shifting and the inspect engine irradiate on. In part cases, a dodge P0720 can additionally be brought about by a defective transmission liquid temperaengine light on. In some cases, a evade P0720 can likewise be brought about by a defective transmission fluid temperature sensor.

The sensor is an installed on the next of the transmission in the direction of the end. Note that the output rate sensor is additionally used together the input rate sensor on particular Dodge transmissions.

Check the current price ~ above the Dodge output rate sensor.


If your examine engine irradiate is on and also you obtain the P0420 code, it way that the catalytic converter functions belowengine light is on and you obtain the P0420 code, it way that the catalytic converter works listed below efficiency.

In many cases, the catalytic converter is the culprit, however the problem could additionally be one oxygen sensor not functioning prosensor not working properly.

One symptom of being a negative catalytic converter is that the car may battle to accelerate when you press the gas pedal. As soon as this password is present, the fuel economic climate decreases.

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This code way the evaporative emission regulate system has incorrect purge flow. A P0441 password on dodge vehicles is regularly triggered by either a faulty purge manage valve, purge solenoid, or damaged solenoid wires. This problem can be caused by limitations on the EVAP device or a bad vacuum switch.